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  • verb

Synonyms for ingest

to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach


to take (food) into the body as nourishment

Synonyms for ingest

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Its transcoding of video content, however, has been variable, with better results often being achieved by transcoding the content using a third-party application such as Adobe Media Encoder prior to ingest, then selecting the Skip Transcoding option during the ingest process.
The integrated solution lets them start editing without needing to transfer any files, begin working on media during ingest and apply graphics or voice overs to content quickly and easily.
The new ingest capabilities let customers view content,add metadata and utilize it as if the content had been recorded directly into Actus.
Number of Streams Storage Bandwidth Ingest 4 880 Edit 12 2640 Playout 2 440 FTP Ingest (E3) 1 34 Archive (5X) 1 1100 Figure 1: Bandwidth calculations show how new storage techniques allow for higher data rate codecs.
Those who ingest the plant believe it provides physical and spiritual benefits such as enlightenment.
Additionally, the task of ingest from different camera sources and transfer of data to Tape is streamlined.
Akamai will also demonstrate its Ingest Monitoring and Reporting capabilities.
SKYWATCH will shape to the specific production environment, controlling the whole ingest process and monitoring every third-party system or application that is part of the user workflow.
The contract involves the leasing of equipment and furniture delivery technology in the context of the modernization of the Central ingest the file of technology infrastructure for ingest and survey the area.
For the first time, broadcasters and media operators can utilise a single integrated system, Omni-Bus' iTX Enterprise Suite, to unify and streamline ingest, media management, workflow organisation, schedule management, asset management, automation, master control and playout to TV, radio and the Internet.
A cat that brushes against a lily can get pollen on their fur and when they clean themselves they can ingest toxic plant material that within a few hours can cause vomiting, lethargy or a lack of appetite.
The only way to develop skeletal fluorosis is to ingest or inhale too much fluoride.
Fortunately, protein technology and sports nutrition have reached a point where today, the player can ingest a drink that is quickly absorbed and utilized and will meet the increased metabolic demands when most needed - protein hydrolysates are the answer.
They don't need to ingest as much snuff to do damage because it has a higher concentration of nicotine, but they would have to chew quite a bit of nicotine-containing gum, which usually has a lower (nicotine) content.
After all, you only use some of the nutrients you ingest.