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  • verb

Synonyms for ingest

to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach


to take (food) into the body as nourishment

Synonyms for ingest

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StreamLiner[R] Video Servers, CLEARcut[TM] Storage Encoding and Ingest Gateway Software Enable Service Providers to Easily and Cost-Effectively Implement VOD Service
Each GearStack configuration includes one axle Gear media management and transcode appliance, plus one or more MOG mxfSPEEDRAIL Xpress ingest appliances.
Harmonic offers a fully IP-based on-demand video solution, encompassing content creation, preparation, ingest, intelligent asset management and distribution.
Raising the bar in on-demand server performance, the MediaHawk 4500 will allow video service providers to store in excess of 25,000 hours of on-demand content and enable VOD ingest rates exceeding 2,200 hours per day, two key requirements in the rapidly expanding VOD environment.
With the H-Class Media Ingest application, operators can automate the media ingest process, eliminating the need to manually enter content meta- data.
Many of Objectivity's High Performance Computing customers store Petabytes of information in systems having ingest rates of over a Terabyte per hour.
The Vortex Palladium server is integrated with an Ardendo automated ingest system.
Deploys TANDBERG Xport[TM] Digital Media Solutions for Fast and Efficient Content Ingest, Editing and Encoding
This new infrastructure is based on SGI Media Server(TM) for broadcast systems for ingest and transmission, SGI(R) InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS(TM) Storage Area Network (SAN), and Ardendo's suite of ingest and asset management software tools for content management.
But the fact that Mahale chimps rarely ingest this plant -- also known as "bitter leaf" -- strongly suggests she sought out the shrub for reasons other than sustenance, assert Michael A.
children under 6 years of age ingest corrosive chemicals -- mostly household products such as detergents and drain openers.
HD Now provides an electronic solution from point of ingest to the DG FastChannel Spot Box HD edge-servers located at TV, cable and network broadcasters.
Attorney Stern noted that high purity heroin is especially dangerous because it allows the user to ingest the heroin by snorting or smoking.
Young children can ingest the dust by touching the blinds and then putting their hands in their mouths or eating without washing their hands.