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The courtly poetics of fairness, by contrast, insist upon, through grand spectacle of representation referencing the non-masque displays of dark others, the supposed ingenerate value of white bodies.
If any should say that the Son is ingenerate and without origin, as though to make two gods by speaking of two without beginning, two ingenerates and two unbegotten (duo innata), let him be anathema.
Such that, as regards Belphoebe/Elizabeth, "her whole creation did her shew / Pure and vnspotted from all loathly crime / That is ingenerate in fleshly slime" (III.
But I decline Heidegger's gloomy vision, that "the world is darkening," that the gods flee and the earth becomes ingenerate.
ale 1) beer with a bitter flavor (now, US); 2) beer without bitters (hops) (originally, < German) blow 1)blow; 2) suck ("blow job") ingenerate 1) engendered, generated; 2) not generated, self-existent (said of God) (same word originally but now two separate, opposite entries in Web 3) Lucifer 1) Satan; 2) Jesus Christ (archaic) (<'Light bearer'; how ironic that the Prince of Darkness wound up with that name.