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any tree or shrub of the genus Inga having pinnate leaves and showy usually white flowers

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T met three months la London and fell in loThe couple first livtogether in London anow moved to Scotla setting up home in G Inga said: "It all feplace and it's funny because the story of the movie is almost our love story in reverse as I'm Italian and he's Scottish.
Ultimately, it was Inga who encouraged her husband to apply for the coaching job at Silverton.
The final two games played were the secretaries singles where Inga Gillespie won her fifth final out of six beating Sandra Pickup 21-14.
By approving Inga 3, the World Bank shows it has not learnt lessons from the bad experience of previous dams on the Congo River despite its claims to the contrary," according to Rudo Sanyanga, Africa Director of the California-based International Rivers (IR).
is leading the rehabilitation of the Inga Hydro-electric station on the Congo River in the DRC.
The Inga III will generate 4,200MW, being built onto one of the world's largest waterfalls, Inga Falls, where the Congo River drops almost a hundred metres and flows at an enormous speed of 43 cubic metres per second.
JOHANNESBURG (CyHAN)- South Africa has successfully signed the Grand Inga Treaty with the Democratic Republic of Congo.
PARIS, May 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the initialling of an energy cooperation treaty between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of South Africa on 7 March 2013, the DRC has now re-launched the process for the selection of a developer and established the objective of laying the first foundation stone for the Grand Inga project in October 2015.
Survivor Inga, 81, gave a poignant description of her early life in occupied Vienna before she was evacuated to Liverpool on the "Kindertransport List".
Inga would repeatedly make arrangements to see Steph but 90% of the time she'd duck out at the last minute.
Inga attended Wellspring United Methodist Church and enjoyed being part of the church family, Tea at Three, and the Stitchery Group.
When Inga Sigurdsdottir awakes on the beach of a strange land, she finds herself alone and frightened.