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darken with a brownish tinge, as of insect wings

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Coccophagus minor has slightly infuscate antenna and apex of third valvula, and black low border of cheeks near mouth margin.
3 of clypeus, tegula and legs yellow-brown; hind leg with coxa and femur predominantly brown, tibia fuscous basally and apically, with broad and pale sub-basal band, tarsus infuscate.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the generally yellowish brown body without remarkable reddish suffusion, striped abdominal terga, apically infuscate male genital segment, sharp apical part of the phallotheca, rather C-shaped and comparatively short posterior wall.
asiatica) and have distinctly infuscate basal parts of the antennal segment II in paratypes.
Black costal spines well developed, longer than height sc; membrane regularly pale brown infuscate, with 3 iridescent whitish patches over crossvein areas; veins distinctly brown; apex of each longitudinal vein with distinct brown infuscate area; Rj with large brown egg-shaped macula in apical section; r-m and dm-cu crossveins dark brown, with adjacent extensive infuscation; median vein ratio: 1.
1): General coloration either uniformly orange or greenish, or yellow or orange and brown, often with translucent areas, membrane weakly to strongly infuscate.
Fore wing hyaline Fore wing slightly infuscate at the base of submarginal vein and base of frenal fold Marginal vein with 7 setae Marginal vein with 6 setae along anterior margin and along anterior margin and with 4 basal group setae with 5-6 basal group setae Midtibial spur about 0.
1 Wing membrane deep brown infuscate throughout (Figs 27-29); distiphallus either with narrow, ventrally-directed, lateral spine and two smaller basal spines (Figs 61, 62, indicated with arrows), or with patch of finger-like spinules basally and tuft of hairs submedially (Fig.
1): Body intensely black; appendages golden, except antennal segment 2 infuscate proximally and distally, antennal segments 3 and 4 infuscate, and tarsal segments 1 and 3 infuscate.
Short, broad basally, tip evenly-rounded, veins chestnut-brown, membrane very faintly infuscate brown throughout, marginally darker in [r.
Forewings infuscate, with hyaline apex, substigmal spot of forewing distinct, stigma blackish, costa yellowish with dark brown at apex, subcosta and rest of venation blackish; hindwings hyaline.
Wing almost uniformly brownish infuscate, narrowly pale basally (Uganda) stuckenbergi sp.