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a feeling of intense anger


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So it is apparent that the employees of these banks are experiencing noise related infuriation.
In the SQ, used to measure anger, the terms anger and hostility are interchangeable, referring to irritability, annoyance, hatefulness, fury, hot temper, infuriation and rage, belligerence, and resentfulness (Kellner, 1987).
This might be to the eternal infuriation of clubs who believe the media should sit back and await a formal announcement rather than pursuing the story.
With the publication of Everyman in 2006, Exit Ghost in 2007, Indignation in 2008, The Humbling in 2009, and Nemesis in 2010, Roth carries us, in a breathless, headlong rush, to what might be described as the center of the maelstrom, the epicenter of confusion, infuriation, havoc, defeat, and, indeed, indignation.
The recent speculations of postponing the May elections have only added to this infuriation.
The] speech also expressed, with an unprecedented bitterness, his unlimited infuriation at Saad Hariri.
Perhaps when Mike Riley has finished telling Andre Villas-Boas to shut up and accept that innocent mistakes will always happen he could do his bit to deal with this easily avoidable source of infuriation.
I can only hope that other readers will not be so distracted by Allen's justifiable infuriation at the evidence she provides in her final chapters that they will miss the importance of this central claim.
The next day, my relief quickly turned to infuriation.
A few moments of acrimony followed by a chunk of infuriation and a smattering of irritability.
CAPTAIN Ian We s t w o o d reckons Warwickshire head into this year's Twenty20 with a squad "well-suited" to a form of cricket which has brought the Bears pleasure and infuriation in equal measure in recent years.
But then Moyes' side pushed the self-destruct button, the infuriation from which was only intensified by the fact that, once they hauled back level, the visitors kicked on again and were the only team which looked capable of winning.
He continued to say, they, (SPLM) instead of engaging in publicity campaign, started date of the registration with cants against elections and infuriation to boycott.
Millions took to the streets in all four corners of the world to express their infuriation at Israeli atrocities which they see on their television screens.
IT'S 10 years since precocious teenager Robbie Keane made his senior Ireland debut and a decade of brilliance and infuriation has followed.