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Synonyms for infuriate



Synonyms for infuriate

to cause to feel or show anger

Synonyms for infuriate

make furious

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The Trump World Tower on the East Side of Manhattan infuriates those who claim it is illegal and out of place in the neighborhood.
She jumps into the surprised arms of a new guy, which infuriates Critter.
And, of course, the $500 million giveaway to Inglewood and other nearby cities inflames that wound and infuriates L.
At first Cole tries to escape, and then he attacks a giant white bear, a Spirit Bear, that infuriates him by not showing any fear.
Early in the film she develops an embattled relationship with Antonio (Toni Canto), a handsome, womanizing interpreter who infuriates her by playfully mistranslating her interviewees' remarks.
They went as far as to accuse the government of reviving the same intolerance and tyranny of the Nazis - a claim that infuriates many Jewish groups.
One of the wives is a Hindu, and Jahanara's father tries to foster religious tolerance, but this infuriates those in the kingdom and in the family who are rigidly intolerant Muslims.
It infuriates me,'' she wrote in the letter published in the Daily News.