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  • verb

Synonyms for infuriate



Synonyms for infuriate

to cause to feel or show anger

Synonyms for infuriate

make furious

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In a nutshell: Documentary answers the title question in ways that infuriate and entertain.
VALENCIA - Want to know how to infuriate a team that prides itself on defense?
Today, she and Buchanan infuriate many by saying states should be able to fly the Confederate flag over their capitols, a symbol many say trivializes the horrors of Southern slavery.
But it isn't until Luther wins the science fair, with a project on the dangers of lead paint that attracts media attention and dangerously infuriates the Sarge (she uses it on her properties, to save money), and realizes that the Sarge hasn't been putting away money for him for college for him after all, that he decides to break away.
It is your American air of superiority, that "our way is obviously the best way" attitude which builds walls, that I must cut through every time I speak with a Latino, which infuriates me.
It infuriates me that such things are done under the guise of "increasing awareness of the Constitution.
It's also worth saying that it also infuriates some German people.
What infuriates me is that this is about meting out blame," Marc Blondel, head of the Worker's Force union, claimed on France-Inter radio, as quoted by the Associated Press.
It also infuriates Milt's buffoonishly evil son Sonny (a hilarious Matt Knudsen), who vows grisly revenge.
She jumps into the surprised arms of a new guy, which infuriates Critter.
The Trump World Tower on the East Side of Manhattan infuriates those who claim it is illegal and out of place in the neighborhood.
Harvey's cowardice infuriates his girlfriend, Helen (Alonso), whose romantic past with both Kane and with Miller convinces her to leave town.
At first Cole tries to escape, and then he attacks a giant white bear, a Spirit Bear, that infuriates him by not showing any fear.
Ann Coulter fascinates me as much as she infuriates me," says SARA RIMENSNYDER, who writes about the pundette that everybody loves to hate in "Bitch Goddess" (page 61 ).
And, of course, the $500 million giveaway to Inglewood and other nearby cities inflames that wound and infuriates L.