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any of various funnel-shaped parts of the body (but especially the hypophyseal stalk)

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The infundibulum frontale is a funnel-shaped narrowing at the inferior aspect of the frontal sinus, extending toward the floor of the frontal sinus ostium.
carrion feeding Suborder: Caelifera Family: Romaleidae Romalea microptera (Beauvois)--excretion of chemicals Taeniopoda eques--carrion feeding Family: Acrididae Subfamily: Gomphocerinae Dichromorpha viridis--Intermediate host of Choanotaenia infundibulum Subfamily: Cyrtacanthacridinae Schistocerca americana--carrion feeding Schistocerca gregaria-large swarms lead to outbreaks of allergies, asthma, and cholera.
The results further demonstrate that sinus disease of the anterior sinuses due to narrowing of the ethmoid infundibulum can be effectively treated with FinESS Sinus Treatment and without tissue removal.
CT findings included complete opacification of the left maxillary sinus, inward retraction and thinning of all sinus walls, enophthalmos, increased orbital volume, occlusion of the maxillary sinus infundibulum, an enlarged middle meatus with lateral retraction of the middle turbinate, and an increase in pterygomaxillary fossa adipose tissue (figure 2).
The uncinate process is a shield-like formation that protects the ethmoid infundibulum from direct exposure to airflow.
When suction was applied to the middle meatus, mucopus drained from the area of the right ethmoid infundibulum (figure, D).
The inferior uncinate fold was also partially removed, which allowed for good access to the infundibulum (figure, D).
When it does occur, it can cause obstruction of the ostiomeatal complex by narrowing the middle meatus and the infundibulum.
Multiple nodular masses were attached to the mesentery and mesovarium, and a large (6 X 2 X 1-cm) mass extended from the infundibulum of the oviduct (Fig 2).
The current hypothesis is that the HS primary event is a hyperkeratinization of the follicular infundibulum, followed by follicular occlusion, dilatation and rupture; the spread of bacterial and cellular remnants would trigger the local inflammatory response (3).
The enlarged antral polyp protrudes through the maxillary infundibulum or accessory ostium into the middle meatus and then the posterior choana, with possible extension into the posterior nasopharynx.
We did not assess the following factors that may affect access to the collecting system, stone manipulation and complication rate: vertebral column, pelvis and upper ureter anatomy, mobility of kidney, location of calyceal puncture, diameter of calyceal infundibulum, angle between calyces, angle between calyx tract with pelvis and long axis of kidney or vertebra, inflammation around ureteropelvic junction or upper ureteral stone, adequate visibility during access (in severe bleeding or complete space-occupying stone and stone fragments migration into other calyces.
The anterior ethmoid sinus normally drains into the infundibulum of the middle meatus.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses revealed left frontoethmoid sinusitis and marked aeration of the left ethmoid labyrinth with extension of ethmoid cells inferior and medial to the ethmoid infundibulum (figure, B).