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subflavus variants appear to be infrequently encountered, two explanations have been proposed to explain their prevalence among cryptic human rabies deaths associated with bats.
For Torres, who exercises horses at San Luis Rey Downs and competes infrequently, it was the first victory in 48 mounts this year and his first at Hollywood Park since 1993.
As much as 80% of an organization's unstructured data is infrequently accessed, making it a prime target for migration to tape, which would provide the following benefits:
2008 1997 Very frequently 7% 10% Somewhat frequently 37% 27% Somewhat infrequently 39% 30% Very infrequently 13% 30% Don't know 4% 3% 100% 100%
Under these sparse conditions, the mothers nursed and groomed their pups infrequently.
The problem for many of us who work for a living is that we dream for days that never come, or come altogether too infrequently.
Nevertheless, says Wooding, the proposed microbial fuel cell could work for devices that sample data infrequently and record them in digital memory.
An infrequently used provision of Accounting Research Bulletin no.
It shows that trained maintenance workers typically disturb asbestos infrequently, for short periods of time and with minimal exposures to themselves and others.
While surgical options exist and can be effective in reducing FMR, they are infrequently used due to the burden of the surgery itself, which is associated with high operative morbidity and mortality rates.
The lower cost per gigabyte and higher capacity per drive makes these systems attractive for storage of infrequently accessed files.
His art shows empathy, even tenderness for the victim, rather than hurling contempt at the victimizers, as "politically correct" art tends to do, a strategy that not infrequently ends up idolizing the victimizers, confirming their power, however unwittingly.
It is used only infrequently for typical inventory valuations (since inventory generally turns in less than one year).
Only seven of the men had frequently eaten foods that are especially rich in beta-carotene (like spinach and other leafy greens) and had infrequently eaten foods that are rich in both carotenes (like carrots and sweet potatoes).
According to Coburn, neglected or infrequently cleaned air ducts and ventilation chutes provide the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mold.