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For if it happened that an individual, even when asleep, had some very distinct idea, as, for example, if a geometer should discover some new demonstration, the circumstance of his being asleep would not militate against its truth; and as for the most ordinary error of our dreams, which consists in their representing to us various objects in the same way as our external senses, this is not prejudicial, since it leads us very properly to suspect the truth of the ideas of sense; for we are not infrequently deceived in the same manner when awake; as when persons in the jaundice see all objects yellow, or when the stars or bodies at a great distance appear to us much smaller than they are.
When we are isolated and poor, we are not infrequently forgotten.
No member of the party was at that period aware that entire or unopened mummies are not infrequently met.
Behind his back she not infrequently referred to him as a 'gaby'; sometimes even as that 'guffin'.
Unlike the rest of us, however, in this as in all else, Raffles would not infrequently allow the acquisitive spirit of the mere collector to silence the dictates of professional prudence.
Storage Made Easy's customers can now move infrequently used data from more than 35+ clouds to take advantage of Amazon Glacier's extremely low price per gigabyte monthly cost.
CenterBeam's new infrastructure also enables its customers to store large amounts of infrequently used data to maintain high performance of mission-critical applications.
Significant hypoalbuminaemia was present in many of their patients, yet oedema was detected infrequently and generally had an easily identifiable cause not related to low albumin levels.
Online readers Della and Paul Wedgwood wrote: "We are really sorry to hear that Ian has left us, he was a good man, always pleasant and pleased to see us even though our paths crossed infrequently.
At least Northridge went to the line more than its opponent -- something that's happened infrequently this season.
Because actual real estate holdings are bought and sold infrequently, indexing the "market value" of these holdings is slow and problematic, while pension plans and other institutions need a more reliable and regularly available benchmark.
We're also fortunate to have an extraordinary book review this month by JoAnn Wypijewski, whose writing we've long admired but have only too infrequently captured between our covers.
Although spills of that magnitude occur infrequently, smaller-scale spills are common.
This edition of the infrequently published 'zine has what makes Genetic Disorder one of the most consistently great ones out there: killer writing focused on locally oriented content that has wider appeal.
Many rural inhabitants do not have televisions or radios and may infrequently travel to larger towns.