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Synonyms for infrequent

Synonyms for infrequent

rarely occurring or appearing

Antonyms for infrequent

not frequent

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Here, in the country, with children, and with Darya Alexandrovna, with whom he was in sympathy, Levin was in a mood not infrequent with him, of childlike light-heartedness that she particularly liked in him.
It has become a--hum--not infrequent custom for my--ha-- personal admirers--personal admirers solely--to be pleased to express their desire to acknowledge my semi-official position here, by offering--ha--little tributes, which usually take the form of-- ha--voluntary recognitions of my humble endeavours to--hum--to uphold a Tone here--a Tone--I beg it to be understood that I do not consider myself compromised.
Of course he knew that Sonia's position was an exceptional case, though unhappily not unique and not infrequent, indeed; but that very exceptionalness, her tinge of education, her previous life might, one would have thought, have killed her at the first step on that revolting path.
Under the ethics rules, an employee may solicit voluntary contributions of nominal amounts from fellow employees for an appropriate gift to an official superior only on special, infrequent occasions.
Although many species of herbs occur in the field, most are infrequent and found only in localized areas.
Syllables that are frequent across languages are recognized more readily than infrequent syllables.
The launch of several pay-as-you-go packages is designed to appeal to families and infrequent users.
NEW YORK, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Social media shows influence on regular viewers of television shows but has little impact on drawing new or infrequent viewers to a show, according to new findings by the Council for Research Excellence (CRE).
Participants were classified as having bulimia nervosa (BN) ([greater than or equal to] weekly binge eating and purging), binge eating disorder (BED) ([greater than or equal to] weekly binge eating, infrequent purging), purging disorder (PD) ([greater than or equal to] weekly purging, infrequent binge eating), other EDNOS (binge eating and/or purging monthly), or nondisordered.
SmartSolve's fully configurable portal page has the ability to add directional icons and configurable quick searches to provide access for infrequent users to initiate a record, or easily find an existing record to work through any business process, giving infrequent users the confidence to navigate an enterprise system.
Rare association rule mining and knowledge discovery; technologies for infrequent and critical event detection.
Factors associated with contraceptive non-use or a gap included ambivalence about avoiding pregnancy, a change in women's lives, social disadvantage, problems with access to services, infrequent intercourse, dissatisfaction with a method and believing that contraceptive providers are not available to answer questions.
Of the 226 survey respondents, 77 were frequent ketamine users (defined as using once per week or more), whereas the remainder (149) were infrequent users.
The past occurrence of an event or transaction provides some evidence of the probability of recurrence of that type of event or transaction in the foreseeable future in determining whether the occurrence is sufficiently infrequent,
In contrast, at high altitudes, where the atmosphere is less dense, collisions between gas molecules are infrequent.