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noteworthy scarcity

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Any score above three on the infrequency scale suggests either inattention to the content of the items and acquiescence or a very strong social desirability set; therefore, the infrequency scale was used as a test validity indicator for individuals (14).
The temptation for those snowbound and chilled is to count up the pennies and seek out a four-wheel drive, but given the infrequency of prolonged severe weather in the UK you will struggle to justify the running costs and ticket price for an off-roader.
The likely reason for this infrequency is due to the time factor involved.
Its 99 percent effectiveness and the infrequency of doses make the shot an attractive alternative for women seeking to avoid pregnancy.
Given the infrequency with which these injuries occur, many claims professionals have limited knowledge of dental terminology, coding and billing procedures.
However, the animosity around Leeds clashes is far worse, with Tuesday's events showing the infrequency of recent meetings has done nothing to dilute the mutual loathing.
Betty Stevenson claimed that the fire was an arson attack because there was nothing to catch fire on its own and the pub had been S ewired Residents up in arms over bin collections COUNCILLOR Bill Woodhead had received numerous complaints from the residents of Rimswell in Stockton about the increasing infrequency of bin collections in the area.
It got me thinking of how the church I attend doesn't offer Communion each Sunday during first service, instead only occasionally, which works fine for me and most others, I presume, and which might actually be more meaningful to us because of its infrequency.
I shoot limits with typical Kornegay infrequency, see 'em as poorly as I ever did and will faint dead-away if I ever shoot a double.
THOSE bemoaning the infrequency with which we see some of our top chasers and hurdlers in the run-up to Cheltenham should remember that horses are foaled rather than quarried out of granite.
But it is important to also be aware of its relative infrequency.
Javaid Leghari said the disaster also brings its share of lessons and opportunities for the future and flood protection works should be given due importance in resource allocation irrespective of the infrequency of floods.
Robert Shiller on the historical infrequency of housing bubbles [NYT]
Studies are not available in children because of the infrequency of significant vascular pathology in this population.
The infrequency of al-Qaeda-related files early in the war suggest that US officials were wrong when they accused Iraq of harbouring the group's fighters in the years prior to the invasion.