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Of nearly a dozen infrastructure systems studied, the county's streets, highways and urban-runoff systems received the lowest grades - D's - while its solid-waste system got a B-plus.
The introduction of the TCI6482 will help to meet the needs of OEMs looking to deploy universal baseband solutions that easily adapt to current 2G and 3G, and emerging wireless standards," said Brian Glinsman, general manager of TI's wireless infrastructure products group.
Today's businesses require continuous information availability and are unwilling and unable to endure large amounts of infrastructure downtime when delivering on the needs of the business.
At some point in the past few years, colleges and universities tacitly admitted that technical, infrastructure has become too difficult and risky to plan without specialized, professional assistance.
Specifically, it will conceptualize organizational infrastructure, present a methodology for measuring its value, discuss major applications for managers and investors and propose an agenda for Phase II of the Intangibles Movement.
And the Romans also learned first hand that a good infrastructure at home is necessary for economic growth.
Building owners are not only faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining tenants in the age of broadband, they must accept new legal responsibilities with regard to the telecommunications infrastructure of their buildings.
Reporting on infrastructure assets (long-lived capital assets such as roads and bridges) has been a contentious issue for many government preparers.
The African Infrastructure Tracker: Namibia's Infrastructure Sectors research service study analyses the various infrastructure sectors in Namibia.
The innovations that are soon to be released will redefine the ways enterprise users address NAS infrastructures, and next generation approaches promise to give existing NAS infrastructures the scalability and manageability that enterprise storage administrators have been longing for.
You should seek to set up an infrastructure bank that would sell securities backed by a gasoline tax, user fees or some other dependable money source.
The country profiles also feature an overview of supply/demand, an examination of key governmental, legal and political influences on the sector and an analysis of international trading and infrastructure with forecasts to 2012.
Beyond the tangible costs associated with revenue disruption, an enterprise's business can suffer more subtle damage, especially if its IT infrastructure is subject to repeated breakdown.
The Infrastructure Management Institute (IMI) Helps Companies Find Value in IT Investments
Each infrastructure will be based on standards, best practices, and best-of-breed technologies.
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