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having frequencies below those of audible sound

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A multidimensional evaluation method for the psychological effects of pure tones at low and infrasonic frequencies.
In 1989, Payne and her colleagues conducted a landmark experiment at a water hole in Etosha demonstrating that these powerful infrasonic tumbles contain specific messages that can be heard and understood by other elephants more than two miles away.
Other technologies involve: infrasonic transmitters that cause involuntary bowel movements and nausea; strobe lights that flash at a frequency that makes people dizzy; chemical laser beams with the impact of a non-lethal bullet; and, sedatives sprayed from a plane.
This is an infrasonic frequency, meaning that it is beneath the audible threshold for conventional human hearing.
A wide assortment of sensors is used in the systems, including infrasonic, ultrasonic, magnetic contacts, switches, microwave, passive infrared, stress sensors, audio discriminators, fiber-optic, video motion, and auditory, depending on the needs and circumstances.
Infrasonic detector combines heat and motion sensors for more reliable operation.
of Italy is conducting an Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy (IPDS) seismic survey covering 4,000 sq.
Infrasonic Reggae/Dancehall/Roots/ Dub Fyglash Cruicky Sat 10th August 2013 Origin, Windmill Brae Aberdeen 11pm - 3am Entry PS5
Unbeknownst to humans, peacocks may be having infrasonic conversations.
Tekstgenetisch onderzoek kan resulteren in deeledities, zoals onder andere voor de bundels tancredo infrasonic (1952) (Cailliau) en Een huis dat tussen nacht en morgen staat (1953) (Roelens en Vanhoutte) is ondernomen.
The local observatory said an infrasonic meter located about 3 km southwest of the crater had recorded air pressure disturbance, measuring 299.
The last horse to win after contesting a Classic was Infrasonic in 1993.
The manual states the LN108 has an 8 Hz subsonic filter (really an infrasonic filter).
Thailand's elephants have had a more successful musical career than the infrasonic elephants in the American archive.
But it now has four million customers, and made pounds 200million profit last year, so clearly there was a gap in the TV market for a bunch of failed Dale Wintons and Carol Smillies to demonstrate the merits of such must-have devices as the Activator RX9 Infrasonic Alarm Sensor Security Scanner (item 419444) or the Micro-Fibre Super-Absorbent Body-Wrap Four-Piece Bath Set (819435), all in the name of light entertainment.