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having frequencies below those of audible sound

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The TA network has already been shown to be a suitable platform for infrasonic source location with previous work regarding gravity wave detection and propagation.
Whether this is through infrasonic sound waves she feels in her body, a reflection she sees of herself, or an acoustic experience that changes as she moves through space, the senses provide a very direct and immediate pathway through which the artwork is experienced.
15) Various natural and non-natural phenomena generate infrasonic waves, including rocket launches and significant explosions, including nuclear explosions.
The clinic uses a special equipment, the FDA-approved Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture or simply called Tickle Lipo because it produces a titillating sensation during the procedure.
Additionally, these chest wall and body hair vibrations have also been shown to occur in the infrasonic range (Mohr, Cole, Guild, & Vongierke, 1965; Schust, 2004).
Explaining that the birds must use the loft's infrasonic homing beacon to get their bearing before setting the direction for their return flight according to their sun compass, Hagstrum said, "I am a bit surprised that after 36 years I finally answered Bill Keeton's question to the Cornell Geology Department", adding that he is particularly pleased that he was able to use Keeton's own data to solve the mystery.
The Irish firm used infrasonic technology which allows it to effectively listen for oil.
Too low for humans to hear, the infrasonic components of elephants' calls have at times been attributed to a process similar to a cat's contented thrum.
The aim of this agreement is to build a seismic detection station and an infrasonic vibration station, he said.
An empty room was filled with an inaudible ultrasonic wave modulated by infrasonic vibration whose frequency corresponded to brain waves in the state of relaxation or meditation.
They are equipped with mechanical, magnetic, acoustic, and low-frequency/ infrasonic sweeps.
Euromi has placed thousands of Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture systems around the world.
The local weather observatory said it has observed 458 pascals of air vibration from Tuesday's eruption at its infrasonic meter located some 3 km to the southwest of the volcanic crater, while the Miyazaki observatory said it has confirmed air vibration that could be felt by people.