infrared spectrum

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the spectrum of infrared radiation

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Given to elemental analysis and infrared spectrum between the two following combinations, combination one can be accepted:
54 The infrared spectrum of the perchlorate exhibited strong absorption bands at 3200, 1710, and 1645 [cm.
1] (assigned to unsaturated compounds) observed in the infrared spectrum of the by-product before heating.
7 Fiber Lasers that Bridge the Shortwave to Midwave Regions of the Infrared Spectrum
76 mm smoke grenades for the visible and infrared spectrum - 650 pcs .
The LCTI-M contract will provide an opportunity to further develop LightPath's molding technology and provide enhanced capabilities for thermal imaging lenses in the mid- and long-wavelength infrared spectrum.
It also appears that changes occurred in the absorbance intensity of the infrared spectrum of polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, polylactic acid, and layers of ethylene vinyl acetate and ethylene vinyl alcohol, indicating that alterations occurred in the materials and their properties.
Special spot colors for banknotes and secured documents cover ultraviolet (UV: 200-400 nm) and near infrared spectrum of light (NIR: 700-1200 nm).
This book takes a systems approach to the physical processes involved in the formation, collection, and analysis of polarimetric remote sensing data in the visible through longwave infrared spectrum.
The Autosort will save on manual inspection, inspects carrots from top and bottom as well as crown to tail, and can do it in full colour and in the infrared spectrum.
If we plot absorbance or transmittance against frequency or wave number, the result is an infrared spectrum.
While there are other coatings in the market, most other products offer protection from a small range--about 2000 nanometers--of infrared spectrum, he says.
By varying the size of the quantum dots, the researchers tuned the particles to absorb different parts of the infrared spectrum.
The principle of operation says many gases absorb energy in the infrared spectrum.
The Raman spectrum is uniquely capable of identifying many C=C stretching vibrations which generally occur near 1640 cm-1 and are often weak in the infrared spectrum.
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