infrared ray

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a ray of infrared radiation

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Other unique features include infrared ray which can detect human heartbeat, temperature and postures, and image recognition technology which can identify people's facial expression and body movements.
It recharges aging or dying cells which may explain why a far infrared ray with this healing wavelength is called "life light.
In addition, it is ready to provide other companies with its infrared ray sensor technology to detect pedestrians moving ahead or behind a vehicle as well as to detect intruders into a car, the officials said.
Their authentication sensor captures a subcutaneous vascular infrared ray image of the user's palm.
The device detects unseen pedestrians and vehicles far ahead with an infrared ray and displays them on the windscreen to warn drivers of their presence and help them avoid accidents even at nighttime, the officials said.
Touch panels can be classified in four categories namely, resistive, capacitive, infrared ray (IR), and surface acoustic wave (SAW).
They include treatments that are hard to find, including far infrared ray therapy and vibroacoustic therapy.
In addition to the Shredder Guitar Controller, TAC has combined infrared ray emission and multi-channel wireless emission technologies to create two breakthrough controllers for complete physical interaction with combat and soccer games.
CCTV, Automatic Fire Alarm System, Security Monitors, Infrared Ray Sensors Security System have been installed.
The new microcontroller offers an IrDA interface for infrared ray communication between portable devices such as hand-held computers and personal digital assistants.
The system, which relies on infrared rays, helps prevent spontaneous combustion of coal in the cargo hold, enhancing the MOL group's safe operation system.
The chair uses a non-invasive technology through infrared rays and screens a range of disorders such as blood pressure, heart rate (stress rate) and also analyses blood circulation as well as body composition analysis.
The tests showed conclusively that the Fusion mineral mixture emits very high levels of nourishing FAR Infrared rays.
The BH1745NUC leverages original infrared removal technology and computing methods to achieve the industry's highest infrared cutoff characteristics, reducing the effects of infrared rays by over 10x compared with conventional products.
Infrared reflective materials reflect infrared rays from sunlight or other heat sources.