infrared radiation

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electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

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Therefore, the present investigation was undertaken to study the specific energy consumption and physical quality for tomato slices during drying by hot air convection (HA), Infrared radiation (IR) and microwave drying (MW).
Infrared radiation emitted by the body as heat has a much larger wavelength, 7,000 to 14,000 nanometers, so the plastic's tiny pores can't block it.
Forty to 60 percent of our body heat is dissipated as infrared radiation when we are sitting in an office," said Shanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering who specializes in photonics, which is the study of visible and invisible light.
The company states tests carried out with users have shown that the seams welded with the aid of infrared radiation are able to withstand very high pressure.
The SPL BKxx-40WFT produces infrared radiation in various wavelengths ranging from 915 nm to 1,020 nm.
Recently; it became prudent to assess the effects of infrared radiation (IR) so that we can protect ourselves from it.
Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 0.
Researchers from the food and agriculture sciences and from electrical and materials sciences describe engineering approaches and applications for using infrared radiation heating to process food and agriculture products.
The panel contains no mercury and emits no UV or infrared radiation.
As its name suggests, the WISE camera takes pictures of features that that give off infrared radiation.
The press uses technology that integrates three heating modes -- contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves -- to increase the speed of heating while still leaving appetizing grill-marks according to the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Another one dries quickly and two others protect the wearer either from ultraviolet or infrared radiation, the company said.
Infrared radiation (760-1440nm) is a major component of sunlight, with approximately 30% of total solar energy reaching the earth's surface within the IR range [1].
The cornea transmits the most infrared radiation between 700nm and 1,300nm.
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