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electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation

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In this study, calibration measurement procedures have been developed for widely used medical devices in a physical therapy unit, such as TENS unit, physical therapy ultrasound device, diadynami device, Galvani Farad device, electrotherapy, paraffin machine, hot-pack, treadmill, infrared lamp, shortwave diathermy device and traction device.
When using the infrared gold image furnace, it was difficult to measure a sample's temperature with the existing technique because infrared lights from both an infrared lamp and a sample were mixed.
In addition to their standard shaped infrared lamps, Anderson Thermal Devices can also offer custom infrared lamp products for an array of applications.
Anderson Thermal Devices' full suite of shaped infrared lamp products will respond to the evolving demands in the industrial field.
Customers will be able to cross reference their existing infrared lamp part numbers from companies like Philips, Ushio and Fostoria.
Together, Anderson Thermal Device's engineers and the OEM designed a system with thirty-two infrared lamp cassettes by Anderson Thermal Devices using quartz halogen shortwave lamps.
These regenerative gaslights, as they were called, are the conceptual forerunners to the halogen infrared lamps of today.
This fixture is fully waterproof and rated to three meters of submersion, and can withstand impacts from dropping that would cause traditional infrared lamps to shatter or fail.
When a process heating firm requires new infrared lamps for their heating applications, they often must place their order well ahead of the date the components must be in place to ensure they're up and running in terms to meet project requirements.
The camera lenses are surrounded by 55 infrared lamps that will illuminate an area up to 75 ft.
I've always got the shed ready for the birds when they arrive, sawdust down, infrared lamps on, so it's just a matter of lifting the little sparrow-like creatures out of their boxes and watching as they stretch their wings for the first time and have a good old flap about.
The rear-viewing camera combines a black-and-white imager with infrared lamps for maximum light sensitivity.
The ExtrudeIR Model 4069E curing system uses high intensity infrared lamps and polished aluminum reflectors to deliver heat precisely where it is needed for many curing and drying applications on extrusion lines.
It has infrared lamps for night combat and other operations.
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