infrared frequency

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the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum

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By comparison, the number of FM radio stations that could broadcast within the human infrared frequency band given in Figure 9 would be 8,500 with no overlapping interference from adjacent stations (Ruppert 1956).
In practical terms, third generation anti-aircraft missiles employ two distinct infrared frequency hands (BI :2-3m and BII 3-5m) to achieve guidance to target.
As a measure of the strength of the hydrogen bonding interaction by infrared frequency shifts in the hydroxyl stretching region, we noted that the frequency shift of the carbonyl bound silanol stretching band from the free silanol band is about 91 [cm.
GRENOBLE, France -- CEA-Leti said today it has demonstrated the first single-impulse active 3D imaging matrix operating at infrared frequency capable of returning a three-dimensional image of a distant object with a spatial resolution of 30cm from a single-laser flash, providing excellent stealth.