infrared emission

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electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

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Once sensitive spectroscopic technology became available, Callahan was able to confirm that the candle produces a wide range of infrared emissions corresponding to the emissions of pheromone molecules.
But the planet's temperature could also vary if a donut-shaped ring of material around the planet or the star hides some of the planet's infrared emission.
In the course of their observations, the team found unexpected bright infrared emission from methane that stands out on the day side of HD 189733b.
The Company has developed patented optical platform technology for controlling (tuning) the infrared emission and absorption wavelengths from a silicon surface.
According to his calculations, global infrared emission would be 0.
Spitzer observed the star over a five-day period and found that its infrared emission (a measure of heat) brightened and dimmed in sync with the planet's orbital motion--a result of the planet showing different hemispheres to Spitzer as it went around the star.
One interpretation of this lower infrared emission from the highlands, according to the authors, is that they are composed largely of 'felsic' rocks, particularly granite.
In an upcoming Astrophysical Journal, a team led by Drake Deming (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) reports a direct measurement of the planet's thermal infrared emission.
Fourth, the planet's expected high temperature virtually guarantees that Spitzer can detect its infrared emission, as the telescope has already done for the transiting exoplanets HD 209458b and TrES-1 (S&T: June 2005, page 19).
By subtracting the infrared brightness when the planet was hiding from times when it was in view, the team could measure the planet's infrared emission directly.
The infrared emission they detect is greater than that predicted by some models of the suspected black hole.
The absence of water clouds, the relative rarity of lightning, and the infrared emission that water would have blocked all suggest that the probe encountered little water vapor.
In what he terms the "sweet solution," Milani envisions coating part of the asteroid with a white substance to alter its infrared emission and thus its orbital evolution.
As the lower atmosphere heats up, he explains, its peak infrared emission shifts to shorter wavelengths.
She is looking to identify five lines of infrared emissions that are created when electrons in the corona bump into charged particles in the plasma, potentially freeing other electrons.