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Synonyms for infrared

the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves

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provides application-specific resource systems for contractors of infrared thermographic services.
Infrared imaging is one aspect of modern photography that still finds favour with film usage, although it's perfectly possible to make infrared images digitally.
Radiant-heater styles include straight, hairpin, quartz, infrared, oven sections, ceramic and wide-area panels, and reflectors.
Once astronomers identify a galaxy as a distant dropout, they turn to the infrared Spitzer telescope to estimate the mass and age of its constituent stars.
In cases where insurers are liable, infrared thermography can help keep the cost of repair down by enabling the restoration contractors, hired by the insurers, to use their fans, dryers and dehumidifiers in exact locations.
As the leader in infrared connectivity solutions, we recognize the opportunity for growth in IrFM applications worldwide, particularly in Japan, where many unique services are offered," said Kee Hane Ngoh, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Infrared Product Division.
Two dozen of the most important commercial polymers and their infrared spectra are discussed.
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the discovery of infrared by Frederick William Herschel, a German-born astronomer working in England.
The market for infrared technologies continues to grow as more handheld devices, such as mobile handsets, PDAs and industrial handheld terminals, require a variety of wireless connectivity options.
A qualitative infrared roof moisture survey can identify and document moisture problems before the roof fails.
Also resin dryer and mold-temperature control heaters; and metal sheath, ceramic, flat-panel and quartz-tube infrared heaters for radiant process heating.
When exposed to infrared rays, the quantum dots absorbed the light and gave up electrons, generating a current.
Photoacoustical Fourier transform infrared (PA-FTIR) spectroscopy and proton induced x-ray emission (PIXE) spectrometry are used to characterize tread lugs sectioned from two worn off-the-road tires from similar service which displayed significantly different performance in that chipping/chunking was visible in one tire brand.
While there are many books on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), there are few that apply this valuable analytical technique specifically to the food science and technology industries.
Systems convert propane or natural gas to long-wave infrared energy in a flameless oxidation process, which can cut energy costs up to 80% when replacing electric IR elements.
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