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Synonyms for infrangible

difficult or impossible to break or separate into parts

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not capable of being violated or infringed

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Antonio de Mendoza, y del amor infrangible por el pais nuevo del santo padre Las Casas, no pudo venir a luz sino cuando fueron oidos los votos del ayuntamiento de Mexico, ardientemente secundados por otro gran virrey que merecio de sus coetaneos el sobrenombre del Padre de la Patria.
However, keeping the wheels greased and rotating requires emotional intelligence, negotiation skills and a malleable yet infrangible will to succeed.
One of the narrating dog's abiding frustrations, but motivations as well, concerns the stubbornly taciturn nature of dogs who, as a subtle carry-over from the silently performing Seven, for some "tacitly concealed" reason maintain an infrangible silence on crucial, existential questions.
IN CAMP, all days are alike, and, because of their similarity, the weeks, months, and years spent in confinement cohere into a solid, infrangible lump that rolls from one date to the next, at once bringing joy (the remainder of one's sentence is shorter) and dejection (the remainder of one's life is shorter as well).
Tienen en comun su infrangible lealtad a su jefe y amigo.
40) Esta pertenencia garantiza cierta continuidad entre los dos dominios, el imaginario y el real, que permite conectar los tres momentos de la mimesis y nos da la clave del lazo infrangible, la permanente comunicacion, entre narracion (ficcion, arte) y realidad --entendida ahora fundamentalmente en un sentido practico--.
In other words, the text is a significant form, in which worldliness, circumstantiality, the text's status as an event having sensuous particularity as well as historical contingency, are considered as being incorporated in the text, an infrangible part of its capacity for conveying and producing meaning.
Marcel dice que existen medios concretos susceptibles de utilizarse contra nosotros y despojamos de esta sabiduria y del control sobre nosotros mismos, que siempre, y en particular con los Estoicos, era considerado como infrangible e inviolable.
20) Some, though, are more subtly allusive in nature than straightforward statements: expressing his (short-lived) satisfaction at having succeeded in removing Albertine from the temptations of other women, for example, the narrator describes how 'les eaux immenses et bleues, l'oubli des preferences qu'elle [a woman with whom he is almost certain that Albertine had sexual relations] avait pour cette jeune fille [Albertine] et qui allaient a d'autres, etaient retombes sur l'avanie que m'avait faite Albertine, l'enfermant dans un eblouissant et infrangible ecrin (La Prisonniere, ARTP, III, 679).
Richard reasserts his infrangible identity as King, heroically
Ici et la sevirait le regime de la raison close, infrangible, autosuffisante, parachevee.