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a system of measurement of information based on the probabilities of the events that convey information

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Their findings strengthen the power of the Corwin-Schultz measure as an asymmetric information measure, but go against the stationarity finding because poor quality of financial reporting generates asymmetric information.
Furthermore, the proposed multi-feature mutual information measure can be computed for an arbitrary number of additional features, as long as the probability distributions of these features are approximately normal.
This information measure is based on the distance between two likelihoods over the same parameter space.
The averaged N-S equations are considered the dynamical constraints, the Reynolds stresses are considered control variables, and the information measure is considered as the performance index.
Poe interjected saying she can't believe that Binay supported the freedom of information measure when he does not even want to answer the corruption allegations hurled against him during the Senate investigation.
The results show that the best descriptors are the features extracted from the GLCM Correlation (C), First information measure of correlation (F), Second information measure of correlation (S) and the combination of those three (CFS).
The US law is basically a freedom of information measure.
A Government source said: "It is an important freedom of information measure.
We are introducing this because we believe it is an important freedom of information measure," the source said.
a) information measure at the launch of the Operational Programme for the ERDF in Berlin,
The projects would need to be eligible under the training & information measure of the rural development programme and possible under the implementing co-operation projects (inter-territorial) measure.
Mehdi pointed out that General Security was contacted for the report, but refused to provide any additional information measures they have implemented, citing security concerns.
NNA - National Education and Higher Education Minister, Elias Bou Saab, on Tuesday expressed satisfaction regarding the climate exiting in the official Brevet exams, indicating that the new administrative, logistic and information measures have been applied by 95%.
director of policy and campaigns Alex Neill said: "This inquiry achieved little more than to propose basic information measures the big banks should have introduced years ago.
said the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)'s inquiry has "achieved little more" than to propose basic information measures that the big banks should have introduced years ago.
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