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Now, if our local friend should have any informant on the spot, it is tolerably clear that such informant can only be set to watch the chambers in the occupation of Mr.
Arthur had no choice but to say that his informant had not become known to him through the agency of any such credentials, or indeed of any credentials at all.
defines and exemplifies "child informant," describes the
in a sting operation during which he tried to sell marijuana to an informant for Dh3,000 in June.
There are strict steps which must be taken before a person can be signed up as an informant.
Dubai - A 30-year-old traffic police officer has been sentenced to six months in jail by the Court of First Instance for accepting a Dh2,000 bribe from an undercover police informant.
The British man stands accused of intending to sell the drugs to a police informant for AED 20,000 (US $5444) in the parking lot of a hotel.
Even if the same informant had provided information about many illegal transactions, the department would be paying no less than a few crores to the informant.
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov did not agree to be recruited as a secret informant by Bulgaria's anti-mafia unit back in the 1990s, police officials claimed on Monday.
Critics of the measure, though, argue that current rules already protect defendants against unreliable testimony and that eliminating such accomplice or informant testimony could tie prosecutors' hands.
A Springfield auto dealer was sentenced to 20 years in prison after admitting Tuesday that he had hired a customer - who turned out to be a police informant - to kill a love rival.
We consider the quality of the information, the nature of the offence it relates to, the likelihood of the informant being used in the future, the current state of the investigation and the effect of the offence on society," he said.
However, the force refused to say what the biggest payment was, or how much the highest earning informant pocketed.
The refusal met with calls from Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood for the force to be more open to scrutiny over the informant rewards, to prevent crooks exploiting the system to rake large sums of taxpayers' cash.
In the case of the other informant (KM), the use of the n-formative has increased.
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