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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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H1a: Infomercial shoppers differ from nonshoppers in age, education, income, and gender.
In fact, Behar notes, many retailers are now using infomercial logos and graphics in their circulars as a means of spurring sales.
Jay Kordich, spokesman for Juiceman juice extractors, introduced the product via infomercial first in 1991.
As Bob Dole worked the West Coast and President Clinton paid calls along the Eastern seaboard, Ross Perot left the campaign trial Sunday to tape his election-eve infomercials at a Dallas television production studio.
Part showman, part shaman and all salesperson, he - like fellow infomercial hosts Victoria Jackson, Bruce Jenner, Mike Levey and Barbara De Angelis - has become one of the true stars of late-night television.
The infomercial follows a number of other full- and short-length spots offering Kenmore and Craftsman products.