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Synonyms for influence

Synonyms for influence

the power or capacity to produce a desired result

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

to have an impact on in a certain way

Synonyms for influence

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Public relations is the planned and sustained effort to influence opinion and behavior, and to be influenced similarly, in order to build mutual understanding and goodwill among all stakeholders.
What books have influenced me" says Smith, "were Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man (Vintage [reprint], March 1995) and John A.
If you are a football coach, or someone who has been influenced by a football coach, you can make a donation to the Foundation.
is also influenced by the reading of Nietzsche (according to Jencks he remained influenced all his life) and especially by his famous statement 'Burn what you love, love what you burn' which is recurrent in L.
Behind pre-Soviet Russian culture, then, are the same philosophers who influenced Weimar Germany.
All other properties were also influenced significantly by [S.
CheapToday Online Shopping Network survey reveals that fashion styles for Women Shoppers are most influenced by Best Friends followed by Parents, Siblings, and Favorite Entertainers
Regardless of gender, adolescents stated that the product purchase they influenced most was bicycles, followed by toothpaste for the children and then toothpaste for the family.
The political issues, social problems, and unstable economic development are interwoven and have influenced the opportunity structure of the work world.
One would expect that performance in the Principles of Economics course is influenced by a number of factors including math ability, GPA, attendance, student classification and major.
The department saw an opportunity to develop an affordable media relations tool that would not only measure output but also measure how well the department influenced news media coverage.
Relying on drunkard narratives and civil damage suits in particular, Parsons uses temperance reform to show how "Americans harbored serious concerns that individuals were so influenced and shaped by their environment that they had little control over their own character and actions" (4) and how they grappled with that predicament.
Throughout, Collins' analyses of cultural artifacts, though not always easy reading, convince the reader that the Soledades, if not directly influenced by each and every one of the literary and social phenomena she mentions, at the very least is an artifact of the same enigmatic type as many others which were favored by the elite, courtly intellectual culture of seventeenth-century Spain.
Thus, both aggressive and nonaggressive adult models had influenced children's behavior.