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someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)

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Almost all of the capital's most potent influence peddlers previously worked in government: Lloyd Cutler of Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering is a former adviser to President Jimmy Carter and to Bill Clinton; Tom Korologos and Bill Timmons of Timmons & Company both are veterans of the Nixon White House; Robert Strauss of Akin, Gump was head of the Democratic Party, campaign chair for Jimmy Carter and, in the spirit of bipartisanship, George Bush's ambassador to Russia.
Senator Barack Obama and indicted Illinois influence peddler Tony Rezko.
While modern influence peddlers often promise only access, Corcoran delivered hustle.
Among the best-organized lobbyists and influence peddlers in Brussels, they have allied themselves with other European producers to erect one obstacle after another to prevent the deal from being concluded.
As everyone knows, the greatest bribers and influence peddlers in D.
But since the close of the Civil War, revelations of indiscretion and corruption among the influence peddlers roaming the halls of Congress have shaded the public's opinion of the profession, casting both suspicion and demands for reform, as illustrated in excerpts from the Post over the past century.
Whatever you decide, know this--Hassan's group is led by highly-paid influence peddlers trying to present No Labels' unpopular ideas as the will of the people, rather than the whims of the wealthy.
That's chump change compared to what the industry spends on lobbying: $154 million in 2009 alone, just a tad more than the electric utilities, which dropped $134 million on influence peddlers last year.
Upon leaving public service in 1950, Clifford became one of Washington's most successful and wealthiest lawyers and influence peddlers who enjoyed four decades of unparalleled respect and adulation from Democratic presidents and party leaders, official Washington, and the press.
Influence peddlers within the business community or the media are of course lucky enough to know their politicians well.
The ZPC was an economic beneficiary of the speculative bubble: it was the massive infusion of financial contributions that allowed the ZPC to vastly expand the number of full-time functionaries, influence peddlers and electoral contributors that magnified their power - especially in promoting US Middle East wars, lopsided free trade agreements (in favor of Israel) and unquestioned backing of Israeli aggression against Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.
When Allen recently resigned from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's staff, he went from the good guys' side as a policy expert to the dark side -- the one inhabited by lobbyists, political consultants and influence peddlers in the employ of special interests.
The default of ethics, failure of old-style politics, and contemptuous boldness and disrespect that congressmen, lobbyists, and other influence peddlers have shown during recent years have incited the public to demand changes in the way politicians raise money and use media in their campaigns.
13) He called upon the organized bar to "aid in suppressing" influence peddlers who represented "unfair competition.
Car registration and driver licensing would be adamantly opposed if advocated on the ground that cars should be made increasingly unavailable to ordinary people and eventually denied to all but the military, police, and the influence peddlers and other "special" individuals whom the military or police select to receive permits.