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someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)

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I found out that the influence peddler asked for a cool P2 million for representations to be made with DENR regional officials in order to get environmental clearances.
Almost all of the capital's most potent influence peddlers previously worked in government: Lloyd Cutler of Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering is a former adviser to President Jimmy Carter and to Bill Clinton; Tom Korologos and Bill Timmons of Timmons & Company both are veterans of the Nixon White House; Robert Strauss of Akin, Gump was head of the Democratic Party, campaign chair for Jimmy Carter and, in the spirit of bipartisanship, George Bush's ambassador to Russia.
They may not be at the level of Armand D'Amato," says one former New York prosecutor, referring to the Long Island influence peddler and brother of Senator Al, "but they are not far behind.
MANILA -- The Supreme Court ordered the Court of Appeals to conduct an investigation of the four judges embroiled in the controversial election of officers of the Philippine Judges Association (PJA) where an alleged influence peddler known as "Ma'am Arlene" has a hand in the result.
MANILA -- The alleged influence peddler in the Judiciary has not yet returned to the country based on records of the Bureau of Immigration.
His example activated citizens across the nation to fight the corporate world, the oppressive politician, the high-paid influence peddler.
News stories linked the alleged influence peddler to the PJA election on Oct.
But by 1941 Corcoran had embarked on a career that would gain him a more dubious distinction as the prototype modern lobbyist and influence peddler.
What Trump is doing now is simply consolidating the final stage "in the evolutionary method of Zionist policy" in Palestine, as set by his advisers and influence peddlers.
General Boroh appreciates all those who expressed concern about the misleading rumours and assures all that he remains committed to his assignment, he is not distracted by the rumours or the campaigns of calumny by detractors and influence peddlers.
Alam n'yo kapag ganitong season may malaking event maraming influence peddlers, magbebenta ng information, mananakot para alam mo na, to maintain their relevance but hoax yan.
policy through questionable payments to foreign agents, lobbyists, and other influence peddlers.
MIT Technology Review contributing writer George Anders visited Cialdini to discuss what's changed--and what hasn't--as today's influence peddlers use rapidly evolving technologies to ply their trade.
Washington think tanks, which were originally intended as a source of impartial, objective, and disinterested information, have become arms of foreign as well as domestic influence peddlers," argues John B.
As everyone knows, the greatest bribers and influence peddlers in D.