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Synonyms for influence

Synonyms for influence

the power or capacity to produce a desired result

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

to have an impact on in a certain way

Synonyms for influence

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In response to this question, 23% respondents said that the influence of religion is increasing on people in Pakistan, 25% said that the influence of religion is decreasing, while 52% said that there has been no difference in the influence of religion.
Respondents were asked the question, 'Please tell me if you think each of the following countries is having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world?
To fill this void, we used the social influence theory, which provides an integrated framework of informational and normative influence.
There's influence in everything an organization does, and sometimes in what it doesn't do, and yet despite this we often apportion responsibility for influence to marketing and PR departments.
There have been only small changes in these attitudes over the last decade, although from 2001 to 2004, Americans tilted in the direction of more influence rather than less, and from 2005 to 2008, they showed a slight tilt in the opposite direction.
In Phase I, a qualitative, meta-analysis was used to develop a taxonomy of factors that influence athletes' decisions to attend a certain college or university.
The framers ensured that, as a protected constitutional right, every citizen or group of citizens has the legal right to influence government decision makers.
The majority of papers in this particularly hefty issue of Mythlore fall readily into three groups examining different kinds of influences on authors of mythopoeic fiction.
Yet in spite of the general knowledge that affective factors are important to student academic performance, too little attention has been given to "perceived" family and school factors that might influence students' attitudes.
However, a new state statute, effective January 1, 2006, strictly prohibits, during what can effectively be considered a "black-out period," any communications between a contractor and a contracting agency that could be deemed to be intended to influence a procurement decision (i.
Learning Under The Influence Of Language And Literature
Image norms may influence the career decisions and developmental tasks inherent in each stage.
No one, for instance, questions the power of the pro-Israel lobby in this country, which has been described as the most potent influence on foreign policy since the demise of that of the Nationalist Republic of China.