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Synonyms for inflorescence

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

the flowering part of a plant or arrangement of flowers on a stalk

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It was folded into a cylinder surrounding an inflorescence with the outside surface coated with a sticky gel (Fig.
Inflorescence architecture: how flower number, arrangement, and phenology affect pollination and fruit-set.
In addition, the inflorescences emerge in May to June (Homoya 1993; Yatskievych 2000) as the basal leaves wither, making the plants somewhat inconspicuous to the casual observer.
Aroids are perennial herbs characterized by inflorescences consisting of a finger-like spadix surrounded by a vase-like spathe.
The first contrast provided insight if a particular size of inflorescence could have advantage in seed set, and the last two how components of reproductive yield may attract the weevil to B.
We found a gene that when mutated converts the typical tomato multi-flowered inflorescence into one with a single flower," Lippman says.
2]), (2) nectar rich flowers within the same inflorescence (up to 10 to 12/inflorescence), and (3) long flowering season lasting several months (Apr to Jul) that assures a steady, dependable food source (Temeles et al.
Total capsules per infructescence and inflorescence height were correlated [[R.
Its inflorescence is comprised of distinct morphological units such bracts, petals, gynaecium, androecium, which may interact causing effect upon the floral longevity, according to Mattiuz et al.
Among their topics are Cretaceous origins of myco-heterotrophic lineages in Dioscoreales, an Eocene ariod inflorescence from the Appian Way locality on Vancouver Island, Gunner Seidenfaden's contributions to orchidology and the conception of taxonomy, phylogenetic relationships and species delimitation in Canna, a case study from Brazil on documenting Cyeracaea in diverse tropical countries, the molecular evolution and phylogenetics of complete chloroplast genomes in Poaceae, and polyploid speciation and evolution in Arctic Puccinellia.
Inflorescence terminal, paniculate, erect to arched and/or pendulous, three divided; male inflorescence 50-180 cm high, three times branched, peduncle brown, erect, cylindric, 50-80 cm long, 8-12 mm diameter; peduncle bracts light brown linear to long triangular, 25-50 cm long.
Preliminary studies conducted using only one species of holy basil Ocimum tenuiflorum grown on acidic soil at the Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research (WATRS) station showed high accumulation of a wide range of heavy metals in the order leaves> roots, or stems or inflorescence of Ocimum tenuiflorum.
Inflorescence by Sarah Hannah, Tupelo Press, 2007, $16.