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Synonyms for inflorescence

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

the flowering part of a plant or arrangement of flowers on a stalk

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Extrafloral nectaries occur on the pedicels of flowers in the inflorescences, as well as throughout the foliage between basal leaflets.
On a given plant, two buds were near the top, two near the center, and two near the bottom of a haphazardly-chosen inflorescence.
In Cyperaceae the inflorescence complexity is reduced distally (e.
Development of inflorescence stalks during the 2006-07 growing season was first noted in the previously planted tip-up control group, grown in native soil (UN), during the second week of January (Week 14).
This rhizomatic plant species can produce a very attractive inflorescence and have been used in landscaping especially for screening and indoor plants.
2]) 4466,7 1322,9 29,6 2059,5 7201,2 PFF (g) 184,7 74,1 40,1 52,3 378,7 PSF (g) 28,2 5,2 18,5 16,6 42,0 PFC (g) 187,0 38,1 20,4 110,4 258,1 PSC (g) 35,8 9,5 26,5 12,4 53,9 PFFL (g) 127,1 54,5 42,8 35,7 233,3 PSFL (g) 19,8 4,7 23,7 10,8 30,3 AF = Leaf Area; PFF = Weight of Fresh Leaf; PSF = Weight of Dry Leaf; PFC = Weight of Fresh Stem; PSC = Weight of Dry Stem; PFFL = Weight of Fresh Inflorescence; PSFL = Weight of Dry Inflorescence.
Physarum compressum, P didermoides and P melleum (Physaraceae) were included by Schnittler and Stephenson (2002) among the 13 most abundant floricolous species found in rainforests of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Ecuador, on inflorescence remains of Zingiberales of the Costaceae (Costus, 1sp.
This time, he said, mango production had reduced to 40 per cent adding that the there have been problems with inflorescence and fruit setting problems.
1996; Lenzi & Orth, 2004), nectar production (Bawa & Opler, 1975); or in extra-floral characteristics, such as flower number per inflorescence (Barrett, 1992) and per plant (Delph et al.
Inflorescences in axillary raceme of triads, 1 per axil, 6-7 cm in length, 12-16(-18) triads per inflorescence, branches of inflorescence cylindrical, acute bracts at the base of the branches of the inflorescence, middle bract similar to the laterals.
Our study investigates the influence of cane diameter on inflorescence architecture, yield and the subsequent gain or loss in gross profit.