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in an inflexible manner


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If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30 you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.
delimiting the options and setting forth step-by-step rule play to be inflexibly followed?
If the trends to think illogically, inflexibly or permeated by concerns represent personality difficulties that interfere in the psychological adjustment (Weiner, 2000) and can affect the adjustment to the reality of the elderly in HD, the way they interact with others will also influence the management of the demands deriving from the disease in daily life.
When followed inflexibly, any of the three approaches to understanding the bases for our ethical judgments can result in moral aberration: exclusive attention to rules can result in legalism; rigid adherence to the utilitarian goal of the greatest good for the greatest number can promote a tyranny of the majority; and preeminent attention to situations can result in loss of directives and moral chaos.
This train of thought results in a hegemonic relationship par excellence, for in ideological systems like cultural nationalism, whose "centers of significance and subjectification, [with] central automata like organized memories" (Deleuze 16) neatly compartmentalize the symbolic order, each and every object is inflexibly prescribed with and anchored to one specific meaning.
While I remained committed to constructivist notions of childhood that began their ascendancy with Philippe Aries's Centuries of Childhood, I began to notice that, inflexibly applied, those notions had become truisms.
The Counselor offers instead a series of interconnecting narratives that move along an inflexibly forward-moving temporal line, acknowledging that the past might dictate the present but permitting only the present itself to matter.
My supervisor and I may have been applying classical theory inflexibly as a way to not think, allowing us both to dissociate from that which felt too threatening to face.
Faced with a wave of unanticipated delinquencies coming out of the crisis, servicers built systems quickly and inflexibly, and relied on untrained personnel.
The Party is inflexibly in having control over the anti-corruption entities, establishing programs, devising institutions, ordering matters (Popescu, Comanescu, and Sabie, 2016), and regulating the extent and tempo of the implementation.
Today's overly centralised and inflexibly Republican France would have appalled Voltaire, Rousseau and Kant - thinkers with very different visions of human society.
Conversely, revisionist narratives can actually reify the view of the past as a fated curse, a pessimistic notion that engages in a "negative determinism," inflexibly tying the problems in the present to a blighted past (p.
The irony is that while there have been so much display of inflexibly among politicians on the federalist nature of the constitution for nearly a decade, the ordinary Nepalese stuck in their day to day survival, as indeed citizens elsewhere in South Asia, are unlikely to know what
The law permits the qualification implied in the ancient maxim De minimis non curat lex--Where there are irregularities of very slight consequence, it does not intend that the infliction of penalties should be inflexibly severe.
Quoting a homiletic "little book" by Rowan Williams, Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief (2007), Britton reminds us that the fundamental reality is the life of the pious person--an ethical model none but the most inflexibly antireligious could ignore or deny.