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Synonyms for inflect


Synonyms for inflect

change the form of a word in accordance as required by the grammatical rules of the language

vary the pitch of one's speech

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Observe that on the latter account the non-overt modal will also have to inflect (non-overtly) for tense or agreement if it is to be "finite", unless it is simply stipulated as finite: neither is a happy suggestion.
But if the non-overt modal is to confer finiteness on its clause then, apparently unlike should, it should inflect for tense or person-number.
And it inflects the way we continue to think of warfare, as is evident in politicians' speaking of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as "cowardly," even if those who executed them were fearless: They did not give fair warning and disregarded the rights of entirely innocent people.
You are met by a propylaeum which consists of the timber-covered arc of an open-air theatre and its wooden scena which inflects you towards the ascending terraces by which you approach the entrance.
The volume as a whole works to portray a complex cultural vision of desire, one that explores the ambivalences that lie at the heart of such erotic codes as Petrarchism and libertinism, and that inflects the relationship between poet and lover, and poet and court.
By eliding the "r," he inflects the arbitrariness of the Surrealists' "exquisite corpse" with intentionality and specificity of reference.
If you walk down Apotekergate along VG's arcade, you come to a pale grey granite wall that inflects you into C.
Because Hernandez appreciates such sites as works in progress, his camera reveals them not as sealed exhibits of urban collapse, but as active sites of deconstruction: There is a sense of abandon in these abandoned places, a suggestion of illicit transformations, of an infra-architecture at once degenerating and reconfiguring itself before our eyes (a tender irony inflects his image of an architectural office that seems, literally, to have gone to seed).
It's the same voice, switching from assassin to victim with unflinching ease, that inflects every aspect of this otherwise simple setup with a complex ambiguity.
The circumstance of death and the interval of time before it's encountered by the camera inflects each subject with a demeanor that has to be measured on the sliding scale of the grotesque.