inflectional suffix

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an inflection that is added at the end of a root word

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Second, German monosyllables consisting of 9 and 10 letters are also plentiful, although it should be added that these examples have in common that they all contain an inflectional suffix, e.
If the <e> represents an inflectional suffix, its absence can be interpreted as evidence of morphological loss.
At this point, a further clarification is needed with respect to the question of why it is the stem, and not the inflectional suffix, that gets specified for a particular gender value, since both the stem and the inflectional suffix contain the inflection-class information that is crucial to the gender-value assignment.
As shown by Ralli (1992), compounds like an[theta]ocipos are [stem-stem], that is, compounding occurs before the addition of the inflectional suffix -os.
The example in (41) with a (monosyllabic) inflectional suffix demonstrates the crucial role of Align(PWd,[?