inflectional morphology

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the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words


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Inflectional morphology reinforces cohesion within and between phrases, clauses, and sentences.
Inflectional morphology encompasses regular and productive rules that are an important part of speakers' grammar.
The history of inflectional morphology discussed above has far-reaching educational implications for non-mother tongue speakers of English.
The presence of the incorporated configuration is directly reflected in the inflectional morphology.
Livonian inflectional morphology is special when compared to that of other Finnic languages because of (a) both of its rich repertoire of inflectional ending variants and its complicated morphophonological alternation, (b) the sharp difference between the distribution of strong- and weak-grade forms in paradigms of a/a-stems by comparison with u-, o-, and i/i-stems.
Its inflectional morphology and syntax, however, are those shared by the major urban dialects, as is much of its lexicon, so that students learn shaaf / yashuuf "to see" and jaab / yajiib "to bring" rather than their MSA counterparts.
4) For this reason, to consider the question from the angle of derivational rather than inflectional morphology may turn out a more fruitful undertaking.
Offerings include a case study of Saami and Finnish and papers on grade alternation in a Saami language and its abstract declarative phonology, productive syncretism in inflectional morphology, roots and verbs in North Saami, evidence for the instability of systems with ternary length distinctions, and events and case in Inari Saami along with Inari Saami verbal agreement.
Case stacking, the phenomenon whereby a single word may bear multiple cases reflecting its relation to a number of different syntactic elements, is an important phenomenon both for the development of theories of inflectional morphology and for our understanding of the relation between morphology and syntax.
Inflectional morphology is concerned with word-forms which may reflect syntactic relations (e.
The sections cover approaches and issues, the derivation and prosody of words, inflectional morphology and syntax, pragmatics, pre-colonial and post-colonial varieties, and standardization and globalization.
Principle (48) may, in fact, be a language universal that falls out from constraints on the mapping of derviational morphology to inflectional morphology.
Wurzel, Wolfgang Urlich 1989 Inflectional morphology and naturalness.
The general specifications are then applied to three central aspects of linguistic organization--lexical semantics, inflectional morphology, and syntax--exploring each area from both a developmental perspective and from the adult end state.
255-267), raises a number of more general issues with respect to serial verbs and linguistic typology, especially whether SVCs represent some kind of substantive linguistic universal and whether there is a correlation between adpositional poverty and serial verb richness, between inflectional morphology and serialization, and between complex sentence constructions and serialization.