inflectional morphology

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the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words


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He introduces the term 'paradigm function', used mostly within the scope of inflectional morphology, defined as "a function from the root of a lexeme to one of the fully inflected words in the paradigm of that lexeme" (1991: 683).
A limitation should be highlighted in the ability of the two tasks (morphosemantic decision and inflectional graph-morphology) that evaluate the skills of the students related to derivational and inflectional morphology.
Skinner (1957) also suggested that inflectional morphology correspond to both particular semantic characteristics of the entities referred to and proximal and/or distal associations between words.
We considered three phonological aspects: length of the codas, violation of the sonority scale and the presence of inflectional morphology.
In spite of Nicolai's valuable contribution to the tradition of philological studies, his work does not incorporate basic methodological distinctions on which there is consensus in contemporary linguistic theory, such as the ones between synchronic and diachronic processes and the differences between inflectional morphology and derivational morphology.
Inflectional morphology is covered in just one and a half pages
Inflectional morphology, also called grammatical morphology, is concerned with affixes that have purely grammatical function.
The author shows the various ways in which inflectional morphology is realized on either the lexical verb or the auxiliary, or on both.
7) Nonetheless, between the ages of 2;4 and 2;6 when the markings for INFL noticeably appeared in the children's speech, both children were able to use inflectional morphology productively and henceforth, they consistently avoided violations of the constraints on language mixing.
Yet, the inflectional morphology poses one of the frequently reported learning problems in ESL pedagogy (Makalela, 1999; Kachru, 1986; Lowenberg, 2002; Schmied, 1991).
The observed errors tended to affect mainly Spanish inflectional morphology (e.
Linguists specializing in one or more of the languages they consider explore the relation between tone and inflectional morphology in different languages, with case studies of the Oto-Manguean languages of Mexico.
Stemformation and word-formation take place both in the domain of derivational morphology and inflectional morphology.
Incorporation is thus typically reflected in inflectional morphology.
Not much attention has been given to other languages that have a complex inflectional morphology system.