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characterized by inflections indicating grammatical distinctions


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Nouns that inflect alike may have a variable number of syllables, and nouns with the same syllable count may follow different inflectional patterns, depending on the prosodic organization of the syllables.
This makes it possible to speak of assimilation-induced geminates when describing the inflectional system.
This criterion, which points at the fact that a construction is integrated in the inflectional paradigm and as such is obligatory, plays an important role in most discussions of periphrasis.
In each group in Study 2, teachers miscounted syllables in words with inflectional ending -ed.
Skinner (1957) also suggested that inflectional morphology correspond to both particular semantic characteristics of the entities referred to and proximal and/or distal associations between words.
If we reverse-trace the morphology here we shall find "felt" as derived by regular suffixation from "feel," which is not end-stopped; the -t of "felt" being a rule-governed assimilated form of the regular weak-verb inflectional suffix, -ed (properly -d).
As part of the tree formation process, lemmas are adorned with features whose values, during the fourth stage, guide the selection of inflectional properties of every terminal node and mark the position of sentence accents.
Garrett (1986) makes the point that '[s]ince English uses word order so much more (and inflectional morphology so much less) than our commonly taught [foreign languages], many students believe not only that English has very little grammar but also, that languages don't really need grammar because meaning resides almost entirely in words' (1986, p.
In Level Two, students learn 140 additional words and how to apply commonly used inflectional endings.
The cubic regression analysis was chosen in order to detect maximal, minimal and inflectional points in the data set.
The conclusion is also drawn that widely distributed extensions are more inflectional than extensions with a more limited distribution.
It's real meaning is an example of a declension or conjugation, giving all the inflectional forms of a word.
In the Spanish language, the indicative and subjunctive mood is expressed by means of inflectional morphology.
The origin of subordinators in Kiranti, are commonly case markers and inflectional morphemes.