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Synonyms for inflection

Synonyms for inflection

a particular vocal quality that indicates some emotion or feeling

Synonyms for inflection

a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function

deviation from a straight or normal course

a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified

References in classic literature ?
We care not how trifling a character may be--let it be the mere inflection of the angle of the jaw, the manner in which an insect's wing is folded, whether the skin be covered by hair or feathers--if it prevail throughout many and different species, especially those having very different habits of life, it assumes high value; for we can account for its presence in so many forms with such different habits, only by its inheritance from a common parent.
The dark eye of the old warrior was dancing in his head with a wild animation, and the sluggish repose in which his aged frame had been resting in the canoe was now changed to all the rapid inflections of practiced agility.
His voice sank into the tenderest inflections, his smile expressed a thoughtful, fatherly admiration, whenever he spoke to Laura or to me.
There was no change of attitude, no gesture; the effect of her speech was produced entirely by the inflections of her voice, and when she came to the question, "Will God take care of us when we die?
First, the history of weak and strong verbal inflection needs to be taught systematically as a historical phenomenon of constant change and development.
For instance, there needs to be more preparation for linear music, part thinking, the subtle inflection of two-note slurs (I was able to find only one piece in the book that had a few threenote slurs.
Admiring former student Marie Brooks's Hope, in which teenage dancers captured each rhythmic inflection of Hugh Masekela's Stimela, Dunham declared, "That wasn't black choreography.
I think we're now seeing a different kind of inflection point regarding how CEOs do their jobs.
Jim Pownell, CTO of Inflection Systems, agrees: "Data storage customers continue to encounter a lot of pain managing data, particularly over the long term.
ATI's DirectX 9 rollout was well timed and executed, delivering high-end, mainstream and multimedia products based on the RADEON 9700 and 9500 chips beginning in August 2002, hitting key OEM and retail inflection points.
1997), present-tense inflections should prove no easier than regular past-tense inflections because both inflection types are weak syllable forms that rarely appear in sentence positions in which lengthening occurs.
The amount of money raised should get you to the next risk inflection point -- whether that's when you're ready to ship, first revenues or become cash flow-positive.
The reader's use of dialect and inflection bring the characters to life.
The simple fact, of course, is that the arrangement and inflection of embodied signs bear no analogous relationship to the arrangement and inflection of lexical items.
It has been shown previously (5, 6) that the modified, three-parameter Avrami equation functions [Theta](t) display an inflection point for n [greater than] 1 or n [less than] 0, and that the time-values of the inflection points [t.