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Synonyms for inflect


Synonyms for inflect

change the form of a word in accordance as required by the grammatical rules of the language

vary the pitch of one's speech

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Finiteness" is controversial, but, whatever sense we make of it, clearly it has nothing to do with necessarily inflecting for "tense or agreement", though in many languages it may in many constructions be associated with the presence of such verbal inflexions--unsurprisingly, given that verbs are the core predicators and finiteness has to do with the licensing of (independent) predications.
In the passive, for example, though the copulative verb is gone, the past participial form appears in perfect usage, proving that the natives are capable of inflecting verbs after all: "Our people saved by you, Bwana.
Reader Schraf handles this mass of material deftly, very slightly inflecting the different voices in the book: author Milford and Millay's sister Nora; Millay's husband Eugen Boissevain.
Placed alongside recent publications dealing with these authors or similar issues (Francois Cornilliat's Or ne mens [Champion, 1994], on the rhetoric of praise among the 'Grands Rhetoriqueurs'; Marie-Luce Demonet's Les Voix du signe [Champion, 1992], on theories of the sign in the sixteenth century; Jan Miernowski's Signes dissimilaires [Droz, 1997], on negative theology and literature), Randall's book is more "eclectic" in its approach, inflecting its perspective as it moves from Molinet and Jean Lemaire to Rabelais.
The source added to NINA reporter : -Warplanes carried out multiple sorties over Himrin hills areas northeast of Baquba, inflecting air strikes on what the source defined as dens of terrorist Dsh indicating that warplanes carried out several sorties on the aiming caches , according to intelligence reports.