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Antonyms for inflected

(of the voice) altered in tone or pitch


showing alteration in form (especially by the addition of affixes)

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In the present case, preterite fell is finite, but inflected subjunctive fell is not.
Verbs, too, are less inflected than ours, mainly existing in the basic, or infinitive, form, without regard to person, number, or even tense: "Yesterday we go to camp, find much trouble there.
Much of the evidence is intelligently illuminated by astute commentary inflected with psychoanalysis, Bakhtin, and New Historicism.
Half the size of South America and the fifth-largest country in the world, Brazil has its own rhythms, culture and language--Portuguese inflected with idioms from its African and Indian roots.
While Karcher obviously admires Child for these achievements, her admiration does not blind her to more complicated truths: Even though Child could overcome most of the prejudices and racially inflected ideologies of her era, nonetheless, as Karcher makes clear, she "would never succeed in formulating an ideal of human brotherhood that did not involve the absorption of other cultures into her own.
China Southern Airlines will offer those passengers who are confirmed with SARS or suspected SARS inflected passengers to change or postpone their flight at no charge.
Baquba / Nina /--Security source in Diyala said : - Army Aviation inflected a pro-active strikes on armed groups caches northeast of Baquba center of Diyala province today.
And in each instance it inquires into political, economic, and religious factors that conditioned the reading of Mantuan and inflected its appropriation in sixteenth-century England.
Turrell's work fuses ancient tradition with contemporary influences--the crater is located on a working cattle ranch and the region is inflected by Native American, Western and modern cultures.
As his own irrefutable exegeses make clear, images have the ability to change in coloring in different contexts, to be inflected by other images even while retaining expressive communicability and clarity.
Madrid-based Luis Mansilla and his partner Emillo Tunon began their careers in the office of Rafael Moneo and their work is strongly inflected by similar formal concerns.
For me, what critic Kate Bush calls "postappropriation" is indicative of the shifting of terms inflected by new technology, when one era, shaped by mechanical reproduction, gives way to another, shaped by replication, with all its attendant metaphors.
But in fact, the spaces are defined by walls inflected in both plan and section, so although the spaces seem right for Aasen's books and desk and chairs, they emphasize their nature, as a conventional orthogonal layout could not.
Effectively indexing Korean text requires complex linguistic analysis, as the Korean language is heavily inflected and contains hundreds of grammatical affixes.
Much of it consisted of, or portrayed, stage sets--from Thomas Demand's immaculate color photographs of architecturally inflected paper-and-cardboard scale models through Miriam Backstrom's and Ursula Rogg's photographic documents of TV or movie production sets to Shao Yinong + Muchen's photographic series of once politically potent "assembly halls" in the People's Republic of China.