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(of the voice) altered in tone or pitch


showing alteration in form (especially by the addition of affixes)

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Meanwhile, the Air Force also inflected three strikes on terrorist Dsh elements in Alqragol and Yousufiyah districts, killing 18 terrorists and injuring 30 others.
The inflected subjunctive, despite the presence of an inflexion, can still be said to be morphologically reduced, in not marking person/number or tense, but merely, like the bare subjunctive, some form of irrealis whose character is determined by the conditioning factors for its occurrence.
Consider, for example, that while he rejects teaching intelligent design and Creationism as alternatives to evolution, he also warns teachers to avoid criticizing religiously inflected beliefs, including Creationism and Intelligent Design.
Chapter 4, "Liberty, Slavery, and Black Atlantic Autobiography," expands the investigation of commercially inflected antislavery writing to include the voices of "black subjects" Olaudah Equiano and two presumably illiterate speakers (John Marrant and Venture Smith), whose autobiographies are recorded through the intermediary of white transcribers/collaborators.
Interestingly, the dialect in its simplicity conforms not to the realities of the speech of peoples like the Xhosa or the Aleuts, whose syntax is very highly inflected, but projects forward the eight-hundred-year trend of English itself toward the dropping of forms.
Are the words not only correct, but also pronounced accurately and clearly, and are they inflected appropriately and expressively?
My first challenge was to let patients know that they were inflected with HCV.
Deploying Hans Blumenberg's "metaphorology," as inflected by new historicism and the Bourdieuvian theory of "practice," the author organizes his discussion around four "absolute metaphors"--voyage, cosmos, theater, and market--said to "mediat[e] conceptual understanding of the world" in this period (22).
polyptoton Late Latin, from Greek polypto^Oton, neuter of polypto^Otos using many inflected forms (of the same word), from poly- many + -pto^Otos, a derivative of ptosis accidence, inflection, literally, the act of falling
Part of the Germanic group of Indo - European languages, Old English was a highly inflected language with four major dialect divisions: Kentish, Mercian, Northumbrian, and West Saxon.
The source said to the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /: "The Army Aviation inflected air strikes on Dsh elements sites inside orchards areas around Nofal village near Muqdadiyah district northeast of Baquba, killing four elements and destroying a den and two vehicles .
That Cox was "supposedly prevented flora winning" provides the familiar and quintessentially American pathos necessary for poems as blues inflected as these.
There are indications, however, that a new generation is starting to find its own voice, tempered and inflected by more exotic influences and general intellectual curiosity.
If Artwork succeeded in producing the kind of uncanny memorial poetry that Beck typically strives for, The Self-Portrait of Alex King, 2003, was, by design, less lyrically inflected.