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Synonyms for inflect


Synonyms for inflect

change the form of a word in accordance as required by the grammatical rules of the language

vary the pitch of one's speech

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But it is still non-finite; it cannot occur in this sense in an independent clause; and even in Haegeman and Gueron's terms it is "non-finite", it does not inflect for tense or agreement.
Terrine" takes a look at this French dish and inflects a simple and pure taste upon it, rare in this day of complex gourmet food.
A gentler but no less mournful spirit inflects Steve Reinke's Sad Disco Fantasia.
But Allora and Calzadilla first joined forces in 1997 with a piece whose poetic and political sensibility still inflects their projects today: Charcoal Dance Floor, an ephemeral drawing in which figures blur into Baconesque abstraction as audiences walk across its surface until only dust and, ominously, branded (Nike, Adidas, etc.
Class, not culture or "society", inflects his story of the London matrimonial agency, as the trial prompted middle- and upper-class men to laughter at the gullibilities of their lower-class inferiors.
The undeniable importance of subordination in Spenser, coupled with Broaddus's privileging of plot over abstract statement, inflects his interpretations of Isis Church (143-45), and Mercilla's Castle.
The volume as a whole works to portray a complex cultural vision of desire, one that explores the ambivalences that lie at the heart of such erotic codes as Petrarchism and libertinism, and that inflects the relationship between poet and lover, and poet and court.
All the normal reception and control organisms of a library are generously disposed here in a way that inflects you to the centre of the operation.