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Synonyms for inflammatory

Synonyms for inflammatory

characterized or caused by inflammation

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arousing to action or rebellion

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They carried fore and aft guns, the latter much the larger, throwing inflammatory shells, and in addition they had nests for riflemen on both the upper and the under side.
Her knee was still painful, no doubt; but the inflammatory look of it was disappearing.
Pausing for a reply, he opened his right eye with his hand, and stuck his glass in it, in that inflammatory manner that his eye began watering dreadfully.
As soon as she came nearly below the tree, Sam began, by way of gently indicating his presence, to make sundry diabolical noises similar to those which would probably be natural to a person of middle age who had been afflicted with a combination of inflammatory sore throat, croup, and whooping- cough, from his earliest infancy.
Diets were rated on an inflammatory index, from least inflammatory to most inflammatory.
Vitexin reduces neutrophil migration to inflammatory focus by down-regulating pro-inflammatory mediators via inhibition of p38, ERK1/2 and JNK pathway.
When injected into mice with an inflammatory brain disorder similar to multiple sclero sis, these versatile cells home in on and destroy certain bloodborne inflammatory immune cells.
Increased protection against asthma therefore stems from a confluence of early-life microbial exposure, normal immune maturation, and low exposure to airway irritants or inflammatory factors.
5% achieved statistically significant superiority at 6 weeks in reducing all three lesion parameters measured: inflammatory lesions (p equals 0.
delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is an acute inflammatory condition that occurs in athletes most often at the onset of a regimen, as in spring training.
The disease manifested as a chronic inflammatory mass beneath a persistently discharging surgical wound site, and it prevented the incision from healing.
A: Over the past 15 years, molecular biology has taught us that atherosclerosis--or hardening of the arteries--is very much an inflammatory disease, the same way that arthritis and lupus are inflammatory diseases.
As adipocytes increase in size, adipose tissue begins spewing inflammatory chemicals.
Non-steroidal anti- inflammatory prescription dermatology products are estimated to account for nearly 15% of the worldwide $9 billion dermatology market.
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