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Synonyms for inflammable

Synonyms for inflammable

easily ignited


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Setting up a standards action group and sector-specific best practice manuals for EU equipment manufacturers that may use inflammable refrigerants; and
Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors Israeli settlement construction in the northern West Bank, told WAFA that "settlers were the main suspects in the arson attack," especially that inflammable material, not available in the Palestinian market, was used for the purpose.
There was huge inflammable articles in the Metro Shoe godown.
Clothes and other things nearby that are inflammable may also catch fire.
Sans encourager son usage, il suffit donc d'avoir une bouteille en verre remplie d'essence ou d'alcool tres fort et un chiffon solidement attache et imbibe de matiere inflammable a allumer juste avant de jeter le tout.
But Inflammable Material is a belting album nonetheless and the songs it spawned are still delivered with ferocity and meaning.
The warehouse was being used to store wood, insulation and adhesive material, which are highly inflammable in case of fire.
For a company that has thousands of customers driving in everyday across more than 150 stations, a fleet of tankers delivering inflammable products across the length and breadth of Oman and storage and distribution operations at different locations, Shell Oman Marketing Company has achieved a new milestone in having done 1,000 days with no lost-time-due to injury (LTI).
Rescue teams rushed to the scene and found that the basement used as a storage of plastics and other inflammable items - was on fire, they managed to put out the fire timely, he said.
Wooden scaffolding and other inflammable construction materials in the Arctic Sea port of Murmansk near the submarine Yekaterinburg caught fire "because of violations of safety procedures," a statement from Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations said.
And now (before the Blackpool game) actually frisking and body searching the fans (presumably looking for inflammable banners
Burning highly inflammable materials inside the factory has prevented the fire fighters to enter the plant and put off the fire.
One of the lorries involved was carrying inflammable material and sparked several fires.
The AD 6 pump's housing is constructed of solid PTFE conductive, making it corrosion-resistant to virtually all media, while its conductivity permits use of the pump in explosion-hazard areas and with inflammable liquids.
According to Levies personnel, four NATO oil tankers were parked outside a roadside hotel in Mach Town when unidentified armed men fired at the vehicles, setting them ablaze, as they were carrying highly inflammable material.