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Synonyms for inflammability

the quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly

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Whether or not the subtle processes of physiological chemistry can effect changes which increase the general inflammability of the tissues of the human body is a question still in the region of conjecture.
Research and development has proceeded feverishly in efforts to incorporate the three primary nanoadditives to polymers--days, single-wall and multiwall carbon nanotubes, and metal or metal oxides--thereby improving performance of thermoplastics in various ways, from increasing polymer strength to enhancing inflammability.
ii) Fabric Evaluation- For Ultra-violet test, waterproof test, water penetration test and inflammability tests by Department of Textiles, IIT, Delhi.
or, better still, one of great lightness and inflammability, a bowelly helium, not toxic but musky music-making, bells, miniature harps, a lone violin'.
poor inflammability owing to a low cetane number of alcohol which in case of being combined with a high point of ignition temperature and high heat of vaporization, is resulted in the high dynamics of the indicator process that in turn actuates the mechanical overload of cylinder and piston assembly;
Inflammability, safety and structural integrity were tested with German thoroughness.