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Synonyms for inflame

Synonyms for inflame

Synonyms for inflame

cause inflammation in

catch fire


Related Words

cause to start burning

arouse or excite feelings and passions

become inflamed

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AMBROSIA: Seller's favorite hay fever quick fix comes from an unlikely source: the same ragweed that inflames so many noses.
Well aware that prosecuting a priest is going to inflame the religious fringe, the D.
To inflame or not to inflame Although recent trial participants experienced relief from muscle soreness with a topical non-steriodal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID), some doctors believe the clinical evidence is thin at best that these drugs do much to help running injuries recover quicker, and they question whether they ought to be the first choice for treatment of sprains, strains, overuse injuries and fractures in athletes.
Their immune response leads to the production of natural chemicals that inflame the intestines, he says.
The fans crossed the line but having said that Glenn Roeder did inflame the situation by waving at the away fans.
AN OUTBREAK of rare forms of a condition which inflames a sufferer's nervous system has been reported in South Wales.
It only fuels bad feelings and inflames an already fired-up community activist.
And staying the course indefinitely inflames nationalistic resentment and feeds the insurgency.
The resulting Black Legend was eagerly seized by Spain's enemies, and still inflames today's social values.
As if my duty-free bottle of jerk sauce could simulate the fire ant picante that inflames her tongue of rage.