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Synonyms for infinitude

an infinite quantity

the quality of being infinite

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In particular, he had arrived at the possibility that infinitude may be relative.
In much the same way, the castle of the Aesthete is suspended between the magnets of finitude and infinitude because he is dependent on the empirical actuality of his prey.
but one which is still harmonious; they constitute themselves as bearers of a consonance: that which they have with the homogeneity and the rhythm of the exterior logos which organizes and precedes them, even if this logos is characterized by its infinitude, by the inexhaustibility of its unfolding.
Satan's damnation is eternal because hell is inseparable from him; the temporal infinitude is expressed in terms of spatial identity.
But when words alone construct reality, then where can an anchor be found, which can guard individuals and society from drifting into the infinitude of human variation with its frequent destructive consequences?
And in libraries the computer is especially good because it permits almost instantaneous connections to be made between an infinitude of possible subjects.
The infinitude and signification of the face move the text through the ontological space of self-destruction, and the divestment of realistic form manifests the presence of a ghost, bodied forth through the Middle Passage.
The "summer" of which this "other" sings is an infinitude of "shadows numberless" beyond the capacities of the finite poet, as is the "full-throated ease" of expression that belongs solely to the transcendental visionary.
and so first and foremost, may I offer this obvious bit: both happened when I was alone; second, both produced a series of unexpected convulsions in my body and life; third, both terrified and elated me; fourth, both heralded a commerce with the wo rld I was completely unprepared for; fifth, both immediately obsessed and distracted me; and, sixth through infinitude, left me panting and planning for the next one.
However, with the reproductions of Economou's paintings - notable for their sensitive use of color, their fluid and graceful lines, and their balanced yet energetic composition - the collection itself becomes even more multifaceted, with an infinitude of interpretive possibilities.
Standing before this bounty, this infinitude, you are filled with an emotion which had been a stranger to you until now--grace.
The fear has been that a crafty programmer could somehow snatch a credit card number from the infinitude of data zipping around the global network.
He dwells with obvious relish upon the infinitude of minute facts revealed by his investigations, upon the consummate skill of nature - and on his own skill in unmasking nature's tricks.
Finitude or infinitude belong to the quantitative order, and not properly speaking to power, but this suggestion explicitly contradicts Aristotle who speaks of an infinite power.
Taken at once, this heterogeneous melange hints at the infinitude of combinatorial possibility.