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Synonyms for infinitesimal

Synonyms for infinitesimal

so minute as not to be discernible

Synonyms for infinitesimal

(mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit

infinitely or immeasurably small


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Arriving at infinitesimals, mathematics, the most exact of sciences, abandons the process of analysis and enters on the new process of the integration of unknown, infinitely small, quantities.
In the twinkling of an eye, in an infinitesimal fraction of a second since the first tilt of the bench, I was sprawling full length on the cargo.
You miss an infinitesimal line and you can build it into a pyramid of evidence
Bending over a microscope, he slowly began to align the helium neon laser with the fiber's infinitesimal core.
Sort of [1964]), and Jacques Demy (Model Shop [1969]), Andersen is far more obsessed with movies that "get it wrong" than with ones that get it right, and he's willing to split infinitesimal hairs to show how films ignore, misrepresent, banalize, and stigmatize the city he loves.
In "Snow White and the Particularly Little People," there are not only Little People, but also Even Smaller People and Truly Infinitesimal People--all of these being collapsed stars.
I would agree that the amounts involved are infinitesimal,however what it means is I receive less
I can see continuous but infinitesimal improvement going on for quite some time," said Nick Warner, professor of physics at USC.
The Company's product menu includes over 400 automated and nonautomated tests to measure microorganisms, hormones, drugs and other medically important substances present at infinitesimal concentrations in body fluids and tissues.
His topics include semigroups and infinitesimal generators, analytic subgroups, weak formulations for second-order systems, inverse or parameter estimation problems, and families of approximate control problems.
After consideration of basic ideas such as surgery, quadric transformations, infinitesimal deformations, and deformations, chapters discuss sheaf cohomology and completeness theorems, proofs of de Rham and Dolbeault theorems, Kahler manifolds and the Kodair embedding theorem, and the theory of elliptic partial differential equations as it applies to semi-continuity theorems and Kuranishi's theorem.
A rotating projection was lined up to shine through a circular hole in the bed, but there was always a misalignment, and the infinitesimal moment of conjunction was captured only occasionally, when the moon, entering the hole, illuminated the cutout "hole" below, on which the brilliant white, porous salt recalled the lunar surface as seen from earth.
187)--a model in which infinitesimal, stringlike entities are the basic components of the universe rather than the pointlike particles favored today--predict a different value of gamma than general relativity does.
The chances of me being the father are infinitesimal.