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Synonyms for inferno

Synonyms for inferno

any place of pain and turmoil

a very intense and uncontrolled fire

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Our Inferno Curry is marinated with the hottest chilies in the world and is only for the bravest of the brave," said Kris Parikh, owner of Mint Indian Bistro.
Irrfan has been cast as the Provost ( consortium head) in Inferno .
A competition is now being staged on March 23 at the restaurant to nd the ultimate Crocodile Inferno champion with the winner scooping a PS150 rst prize as well as being given a special T-Shirt to honour the achievement.
Rachael McKinnell, who runs Dance Inferno, is pictured with some of her students
If anyone asked for the Crocodile Inferno, I'd try to persuade them against it," said Tony.
I got the lead part in director Nicolas Lopez's second film and he was friends with Eli Roth, so after that I did Aftershock with Nicolas Lopez and Eli and did Green Inferno as lead for Eli.
4) The Commedia served also as a literary model for the Inferno monacale and the Paradiso monacale, in both of which I read a significant degree of imitation of the Commedia at the level of theme and poetics, as this essay will show for the former work.
Not surprisingly, Langdon, with his smart, beautiful doctor in tow, still finds the gumptiojn to embark on a dangerous adventure throughout the city (with side trips) to uncover puzzling messages hidden in Dante's Inferno (the first part of the Divine Comedy) and save the world.
On a whistlestop visit to the UK, the normally reclusive 48-year-old writer has decided to step out of the shadows to promote Inferno, inspired by Dante''s vision of hell.
Noticeably, a number of tweets agreed with the observation of the fictional character in Inferno that Manila is not the most ideal city to live in.
TALENTED actors entertained crowds with a dazzling performance of the hit musical Disco Inferno.
Worldwide Computer Products News-19 April 2010-Zoran introduces Inferno Linux-based firmware platform for Quatro processors(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
99 YOU wouldn't have thought that a poem from 1308 would prove to be the inspiration for a video game, but that's exactly the place Dante's Inferno is coming from.
SAN FRANCISCO: US videogame titan Electronic Arts (EA) said Friday that an acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter has tackled the story line for a videogame taking players into DanteEoe1/4aos Inferno.