infernal machine

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a bomb that has a detonating mechanism that can be set to go off at a particular time


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Among the potential charges are possessing weapons without a permit, illegal possession of a machine gun and possession of an infernal machine in connection with suspected explosives, described by Detective Sgt.
was charged with attempting to commit a crime (armed robbery), possession of an infernal machine and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.
The All Games Network Best of E3 Award Winners Category Title/Publisher/Manufacturer Best Role Playing Game Vampire: The Masquerade REDEMPTION by Activision/Nihilistic Best Driving Game Need For Speed: High Stakes by Electronic Arts Best Hardware IntelliMouse Explorer by Microsoft Best Strategy Game Battlezone 2 by Activision/Pandemic Best Adventure Game Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine by Lucas Arts Best Sports Game NHL 2000 by EA Sports Most Unique Product Redbeard's Pirate Quest, Ellie Enchanted Garden by Zowie Entertainment, Inc.
Derry, 22, on four counts of being in possession of an infernal machine and a count of unlawful possession of fireworks.
Simulynas, who walks with a cane, pleaded not guilty yesterday to two counts of possessing a machine gun, 16 counts of possessing an infernal machine, two counts of possessing a firearm without a firearm identification card, and a single count of improperly storing a firearm.
His main directorial ventures have been Girish Karnad's Tughlaq ( 1984), Cocteau's The Infernal Machine ( 1988), Ionesco's Macbett ( 1981) and his own play The Mahabharata of Women ( 2000).
I lost count of the 'I lost count of the number of times Miquel number of times Miquel came back from the head of the pack to pick me up and coax me back on that infernal machine.
Besides the violin concerto, this evening's program will feature Bla Bart-k's Concerto for Orchestra - a concerto without a soloist that highlights sections of the orchestra in its five movements - and Christopher Rouse's "The Infernal Machine.
But the infernal machine did provide running water.
Worcester, charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, throwing, placing, or exploding explosives, malicious explosion, vandalizing property and possession of an infernal machine, dismissed.
The producer, Bob Swash, had seen a show that I directed in London, Jean Cocteau's The Infernal Machine, and he loved it and he gave me two plays of Willy's that he was going to produce in the West End," Simon explains.
New work from three artists - Dave Griffiths, Martijn Hendriks and Stuart Croft - working with film in the show Infernal Machine.
Some are space-age ballets such as Eros Piano and The Infernal Machine, in which she coils and twines and twists in the most unexpected ways.
Other notable memories include a small part in Hamlet, starring Wendy Craig as Ophelia and playing Frank Bough's mother in Cocteau's Infernal Machine.
IN 2006, KEN JACOBS took a one-minute film produced in 1903 by Thomas Edison and made of it an infernal machine.