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Synonyms for infernal

Synonyms for infernal

Synonyms for infernal

extremely evil or cruel

expletives used informally as intensifiers

being of the underworld

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Space may produce new Worlds; whereof so rife There went a fame in Heav'n that he ere long Intended to create, and therein plant A generation, whom his choice regard Should favour equal to the Sons of Heaven: Thither, if but to prie, shall be perhaps Our first eruption, thither or elsewhere: For this Infernal Pit shall never hold Caelestial Spirits in Bondage, nor th' Abysse Long under darkness cover.
Thus incorporeal Spirits to smallest forms Reduc'd thir shapes immense, and were at large, Though without number still amidst the Hall Of that infernal Court.
Those infernal boys" quaked again under the in- spiration of this remark, and thought how lucky it was that they had remembered it was Friday and concluded to wait a day.
He coaxed and blustered by turns, but in vain; the natives were neither to be intimidated nor appeased, and as a final resort he was obliged to call together his boat's crew, and pull away from what he termed the most infernal place he ever stepped upon.
THE INFERNAL LIBRARY By Daniel Kalder Holt $32, 400 pages ISBN 9781627793421 Audio, eBook available
If you're on Facebook, you've seen, by now, these infernal images of people's selfies compared to great portraits hanging in the world's finest galleries, courtesy of a Google app that intends to amuse you for a moment while collecting more personal data you should probably not give to any corporation.
Infernal Affairs , a 2002 cult movie from Hong Kong that inspired Martin Scorcese's The Departed , is set to be remade in India.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry's official Spokeswoman said on Sunday that the searches at Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States were "an infernal buffoonery" that insulted the dignity of those ordered to conduct them in the first place.
It is hoped that with Farolan's example, the public, for the good of all, will follow suit and help ease the infernal traffic, crowds, stress and exasperation that come with our observance of All Saints/Souls Day.
On Monday past's Across the Line, we investigated the making of Infernal Love, with the help of Andy and bassist Michael McKeegan.
Le climat de tension qui empoisonne la Libye s'inscrit dans le cadre d'un plan infernal ' echafaude par les freres musulmans en coordination avec les Turcs visant a precipiter le pays dans le chaos, rapporte le journal londonien Al Arab '.
ANOTHER infernal report on alleged British poverty reckons that the proportion of below-thebreadline families has doubled in 30 years.
Infernal Affairs (2002) and its American remake The Departed (2006) set several records in both Hong Kong cinema and Hollywood: While Infernal Affairs won all major film awards in Hong Kong in the year of its release and is recognized as the film that brought Hong Kong commercial cinema back to its feet after almost a decade of declination, (1) The Departed earned auteur director Martin Scorsese his first and so far only Oscar award for Best Director in 2007 and remains to be Scorsese's highest grossing film domestically.
PESHAWAR -- The firefighters, after struggling for more than six hours, finally extinguished an infernal blaze that broke out in a cargo warehouse here.
Dans un communique rendu public, HRW a appele les autorites devraient mettre fin au cycle infernal des morts et des souffrances inutiles en prenant des mesures concretes pour reformer les methodes de la police.