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Synonyms for infernal

Synonyms for infernal

Synonyms for infernal

extremely evil or cruel

expletives used informally as intensifiers

being of the underworld

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While Infernal Affairs represents Hong Kong as a polycentric Non-City in its discourse on political polycentrism and moral ambiguity that characterize post-colonial Hong Kong society, The Departed depicts Boston as a paradigmatic Crime City, where laws of hierarchy and retribution prevail in a social structure that is dichotomized, in the sense that the society is understood in terms of good and evil, justice and punishment, right and wrong.
The evening ended with 1989's Infernal Galop, a collage of over the top Parisian street scenes.
Birmingham was the only UK date on the Infernal Comedy tour - and the star spooked shoppers when he went for a walk around the city centre.
Eternal and infernal, politics is false promises based on false premises, and false choices based on false voices; while politicians are euphonious phonies, impostors who posture, bandits backed by pundits, and back-stabbers disguised as backslappers.
Su plan esta bien concebido, hasta el dia en que uno de los robos sale mal y Driver se encuentra defendiendo la mujer que ama, perseguido de cerca por el sindicato de serios asesinos, comenzando una persecucion infernal.
Hariri and in a press release cited the infernal massacres taking place in a number of Syrian cities and towns and claiming hundreds of innocent victims and thousands of others injured.
Disgruntled Cottagers are more likely to decamp to the infernal underworld than turn up at Loftus Road to cheer on QPR tonight but A-listers like Naomi Campbell have boarded the Hoops bandwagon in recent years.
So please, modern university kids, spare us your infernal moaning.
That means a generous helping of bonus material, with extra multiplayer maps, the Tower of Tandria event location, Pacifist, Economist and Ascetic victory points and Order of Knights and Infernal Mines echobuilding.
La segunda esposa de Malcolm Lowry, la abnegada Margerie Bonner, publico Piedra infernal (Lunar caustic, en el original) en The Paris Review en 1963.
an infernal drum beat in the head of the young Master by making him stare into an untempered cosmic schism, then aeons later they shot a white star diamond DID you see the final episode of Doctor Who on New Year's Day?
Something seems amiss from the moment John Malkovich strides onto the stage in Michael Sturminger's devastatingly absurd and unnerving "The Infernal Comedy:.
Pytko, who appeared in court in a T-shirt and shorts, had been summoned on 11 counts of possessing an infernal machine and two counts of vandalizing property.
I GAVE up watching Last of the Summer Wine years ago because I could not stand the infernal canned laughter which always blocked out the first few words of the dialogue.