inferior court

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any court whose decisions can be appealed to a higher court

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14) Originally, it would issue to ameliorate a "failure of justice," and to restrain the "negligence" of inferior courts.
38) Consider, too, Justice Scalia's assertion that, even if dicta are "repeated" over time, they are "not owed stare decisis weight," (39) as well as his statement that dicta are "binding upon neither" the Supreme Court nor the inferior courts.
44) In contrast to Marbury, however, the court found that section 14 could be utilized in Bollman as a constitutional exercise of the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction because the writ sought "the revision of a decision of an inferior court.
62) Douglas's logic applies equally to the situation when an objection made in an inferior court would have been "patently futile" in light of binding appellate precedent that would have preordained an adverse ruling from the inferior court.
Mickey McKinney, whose 27-year-old brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday, said: ``Again we feel an inferior court has overruled an international inquiry.
88) The Court also held that neither the federal nor the provincial government could confer on an inferior court or tribunal the powers of a superior court.
This Court, being an inferior court, is bound by these decisions of the Supreme Court on the matter.
Whether the deferring body is an inferior court or the Supreme Court, respect for the past can foster stability.
It is, however, scarcely necessary to observe that the effect of [such a privative provision] is not absolutely to deprive the Supreme Court of its power to issue a writ of certiorari to bring up the proceedings of the inferior Court, but to control and limit its action on such writ.
For an inferior court to have jurisdiction, "the Cause of the Action" or "the Gist of the Action" had to "arise within" the territory of the inferior court.
Nearly 100 years after its declaration in Townsend the Supreme Court reiterated, "in its earliest days the Court consistently held that an inferior court has no power or authority to deviate from the mandate issued by an appellate [or higher] court.
Harly's 'claim of ownership of the disputed property will not divest the inferior court of its jurisdiction over the ejectment case.
The Court referred to only one authority to support its argument that, at federation, the jurisdiction of the 'Supreme Court[s]' referred to in s 73 of the Constitution included an unassailable power to issue a writ of certiorari to an inferior court or tribunal where jurisdictional error existed.
86) Habeas corpus enabled the central courts to bring parties to proceedings in inferior courts before the common law courts, or to release a litigant in one of the central courts who had been arrested by the process of an inferior court.
Nonetheless, I said that the Rules of Court laid down the grounds for compulsory disqualification in these words: No judge shall sit in any case in which he or his wife or child, is pecuniarily interested as heir, legatee, creditor or otherwise, or in which he is related to either party within the sixth degree of consanguinity or affinity, or to counsel within the fourth degree , or in which he has been executor, administrator, guardian, trustee or counsel, or in which he has presided in any inferior court when his ruling or decision is the subject of review