inferior cerebellar artery

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the inferior branch of the cerebellar artery

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Branches of the basilar artery, the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, and the superior cerebellar artery supply the lateral pons and the cerebellum.
Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome of Wallenberg after chiropractic manipulation.
The posterior spinal arteries occasionally originate from the posterior inferior cerebellar artery.
This compression can be caused by vascular loops that may involve the posterior inferior cerebellar artery, the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, and the vertebral artery.
An angiogram was performed which revealed mild stenosis of the left ICA at the PCOM junction with poststenotic dilation and moderate stenosis of the right ICA at the PCOM junction with both poststenotic dilation and irregular dilation of the right vertebral artery just distal to the posterior inferior cerebellar artery.
Cervical and cerebral angiography showed the left vertebral artery thrombosed at 2 cm from its origin (Fig 3) and mild diffuse spasm of the right vertebral artery, with reflux into the left vertebral artery up to the C5 level, covering the posterior inferior cerebellar artery territory.
The intracranial portion of the facial nerve is supplied by the anterior inferior cerebellar artery.
A loop of the superior cerebellar artery (SCA) and occasionally the anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) or the petrosal vein is identified as the vessel causing the compression.
12] The posterior inferior cerebellar artery supplies blood to the medulla and the cerebellum.
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