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We infer user privacy based on the interactions between users instead of just the user profiles because the former is likely to give rise to unintentional and involuntary personal information leakage.
The two studies [5,18] attempted to infer private information in blogs.
the ability to infer word meaning in context and the ability to explain how the students inferred word meanings).
Two other variables approached the significant level: the ability to infer the meaning of unknown words in context (voc.
It ordinarily is reasonable to infer that the driver of a vehicle that contains drugs knows that the drugs are present in the car because the driver has control over the vehicle.
The government argued that it was reasonable to infer that criminals would, not ordinarily trust an unwitting person to deliver a valuable shipment of a large quantity of drugs, and, therefore, it is reasonable to further infer that a driver entrusted with drugs valued at between 12 and 15 million dollars must have known t he drugs were in the car.
The court held that sufficient evidence existed, in addition to the possession of cocaine, to infer that the defendant was part of a larger conspiracy.
contend that it may be possible not only to detect gravitational waves but also to infer the masses of the spiraling partners responsible for the waves.
This problem is greatly complicated by the possibility that a legitimate user could [make] many different 'legal' queries and infer confidential information from them.