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inappropriate and unpleasing manner or style (especially manner or style of expression)

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No physical infelicity is too great or too small that it cannot be adjusted by a plastic surgeon.
Yet this rhetorical infelicity becomes a grave accusation when he then subsequently and repeatedly invokes assertions about the alleged active Jewish proselytism in the Greco-Roman world (pp.
There's space for one last infelicity from a hymn which begins "All hail the power of Jesu's name.
notation that indicates infelicity at best or barbarism at worst, but a great many pages are so marked, and there also is the occasional heartfelt cry, "what is going on here?
There is, as in any translation, the odd infelicity, such as when one character tells Saint Andrew how little his faith is worth: "Ton parlar non eys que abus / E non eys que broyt de vendre," becomes "Tes paroles ne sont qu'erreurs / Et bouillie pour les chats" (122-23)--a fair trade of expressions were it not for the unfortunate echo that occurs several lines later where the same character says of Jesus that "Mena el fo davant Pyllat / E tormenta como vung chat," rendered as "Il fut mene devant Pilate / Et torture comme un chat.
Later that year, Current Literature warned that yoga was leading America to "domestic infelicity, and insanity and death.
The case was withdrawn due to the infelicity of some of the Welsh translation of the notice.
It remains almost without saying for a book produced in the Netherlands that the anonymous printers have done an excellent job as too has the translator, Susan Mellor; in this mammoth task she can be excused the occasional minor infelicity, such as the term 'graduated' as used in the notes on the authors.
Their topics include infelicity in Speech Acts in Literature, the afterlife of Judaism, and the war on terror.
Such convergences are, to use Austin's term, a matter of "felicity," and Hayes here purposefully produces infelicity with her deliberate anachronisms.
What makes the irony of this last infelicity particularly delectable is that it comes a page after Higonnet has straight-facedly noted that "Like it or not, we are all now disciples of Michel Foucault, keenly aware of the ways in which cultural power is exercised"--especially "in relations between the sexes" (p.
The viewpoint he chose for this meant that the break in the right-hand balustrade at the landing on the stairs is almost undetectable, an infelicity he was to avoid in the smaller picture by selecting a slightly different angle.